“It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.” ― Winston S. Churchill, 1939


Special Branch Investigation Agency Professional, Discreet Private Investigation and Surveillance

Special Branch Investigation ("SBI") mission is to provide outstanding and reliable professional private investigation services anywhere in the world. We work around the clock to report our findings in a timely and accountable manner. At SBI we have a genuine passion for protecting our clients and for offering excellent service. In Order to meet the needs of our clients SBI employs only highly qualified and skilled private investigators

The SBI team implements top-notch investigative tactics and unique skills to solve all the mysteries involving complicated cases. We are the pioneers of unique investigative methods that have proven to be effective for over 20 years.

SBI provides a wide array of investigative services, but most importantly our primary objective is to provide the best quality service with integrity, professionalism, honesty, and compassion.

Private Investigation

SBI Investigative services include evidence gathering in Criminal Cases including, but not limited to Murder and Domestic Violence cases. We also provide investigative services for Infidelity, Child Support, Child Custody, Divorce, Missing Persons, Stalking, Harassment, Background Checks, Pre-Employment Screening, Worker’s Compensation, Corporate Espionage, Bug Sweeps, Electronic Eavesdropping Detection, Bail Enforcement and Bounty Bonds.

Surveillance and Undercover Dcoy Investigation

Infidelity, adultery, and affair: Three words no one ever wants to hear. Whether it is real or imagined, contending with marital infidelity can be one of the most difficult personal situations you’ll ever have to manage. And while no one ever wants to face the suspicion that a partner or spouse has been unfaithful, the only thing worse than having a confirmation is living with uncertainty.

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Bail Bonds & Process Services Referral


When someone you care about has been arrested give us a call we have a wide array of bail bonds agent that we work with to get you loved one bail out 24 hours a day.

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Drone Surveillance & Hi-Tech Countermeasures

Today, almost anyone can easily and cheaply acquire surveillance devices and use them to invade your privacy. While there are a lot of surveillance countermeasure service providers, it is essential to use a trained, qualified investigator. Their use of electronic surveillance detection & drone surveillance can give you confidence that your privacy is protected.

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Child Custody Investigation & Protection

Nothing is more important than your child’s safety when he or she is out of your sight and in the custody of your ex-spouse or ex-partner. When you don’t trust your ex, the situation is even more worrisome. After all, everyone has secrets! In addition, children are often too young, too innocent, or too afraid to tell you what actually happens when they are with their other parent.

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Nanny Surveillance Investigation

In many modern families, both parents have daytime jobs while their children are cared for by nannies or babysitters. Although you want to trust the caregiver that you have chosen, you are leaving them alone with your most precious asset – your child – and thus it is best to monitor your caregiver using a covert security camera.

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Divorce Asset Investigation

Asset investigations seek to uncover tangible hidden assets such as cash, vehicles, securities, real estate, lines of credit, and lines against those assets or bankruptcies. We will do our part for your asset search and find these assets and uncover any liabilities that may be attached to them.

At SBI we offer an unwavering commitment to uncover the truth. Our asset investigation report will detail our findings and provide you with peace of mind. We recommend you begin your due diligence by contacting us for a free confidential consultation.

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Domestic Violence Investigation, Protection & Extraction

Domestic Violence Investigation & Protection Domestic Violence and Security Consulting involves identifying and assessing your organization’s existing and anticipated security risks. In conjunction with an understanding of your needs and expectations.

We conduct a physical security evaluation of your facilities to evaluate preparedness for natural and man-made disasters such as fire hazards, bomb threats, disgruntled employees, theft and vulnerability to terrorism. In that evaluation we’ll investigate your organizations surveillance systems and other security measures.

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High-Value Executive Protection

Executive Protection, Personal Protection or Close Protection involves protecting a person in a covert manner by highly skilled and trained professionals. These professionals stay in close proximity to the person in question, which allows them to take immediate action if the need arises. At the same time, executive protection specialists must allow the individual to move freely and maintain a normal life

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At SBI, we provide executive protection and VIP security to a wide range of clients across the state of Florida We understand that executive protection involves a great deal of planning in order for both the individual and our team to remain inconspicuous. An executive cannot be locked down like an entrance to a building: There are numerous ways for an attacker to get to him/her, including through family members.

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Counter-Terrorism Specialist

SBI Counter Terrorism Specialist is designed as a “stand-alone” security countermeasure and managing terrorist incidents; issues of civil liberties and morality in countering terrorism

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Underwater Security Detection & Deterrent

SBI Frogman are designed to identify underwater nuisance targets. The team is leading theoretical and practical training in critical situations such as night dives, ship hull search techniques, and underwater forensics. and inspecting waterfront properties and Yachts

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Concealed Weapon Certification & Firearm Training

Certified NRA Firearm Instructor, State License Private Investigator, Defensive Tactics Instructor.

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The Striker Institute

"We Train So Others May Live"

Active Protection Training

Striker Institute Training in executive risk assessments or threat assessments for celebrity stalking and kidnapping cases. We provide Advanced Training in estate and residential security services, armored vehicle transportation and International Travel and Risk Advisories.

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Personal Injury Investigation

Personal injury claims are one of the most common issues taken to court today, with claims relating to anything from automobile accidents to slip-and-fall accidents on a neighbor’s icy driveway. Many of these claims are exaggerated or entirely fraudulent, leading to a long process of questions and scrutiny while the injured party in a legitimate claim remains without their proper restitution, i.e., monetary compensation for an injury resulting from the negligence of another person.

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Criminal Background Checks

Every time you let a stranger or even someone you think you know into your home, you are at risk of moral and/or physical injury. That is the sad truth of the world today, where it is all too simple to create a false identity through social media and other forms of modern technology. Fortunately, there are a number of things that can be done to safeguard you and your family from untrustworthy individuals, including hiring a private investigator.

At SBI, we specialize in conducting a variety of criminal background checks, be it for a prospective employee, a future spouse, or anyone in-between. Our years of experience as private investigators in New York and surrounding areas have provided us with the necessary skills to implement a comprehensive process for each type of background check.

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Criminal Fraud Investigation

The most common type of fraud involves intentional deception with the end goal of financial gain for the perpetrator. From minor insurance fraud to major corporate fraud, you never know when you may become the victim of fraudulent activities within your company. Upon reflection, you may conclude that all the signs were there, and that is precisely the key to a successful investigation: Rest assured that you are not alone!

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Workers Comp Investigation

Workers’ Compensation is a program specially designed to protect the financial well-being of employees who are injured on the job. However, if a claim appears fraudulent, it can often be difficult to investigate the case without significant strain on your company as well as its owners and/or management

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Aviation Air Safety Investigation

SBI is specializing in the investigation of aircraft accidents and the failure analysis of aerospace components. Our Air Safety Investigators are best-in-class, and include highly-degreed scientists, pilots, and aircraft mechanics. We have investigated accidents, ranging from the in-flight failure of composite structures, to mid-air collisions.

To wake turbulence encounters, to engine failures, to the use of unapproved parts, and to incidents involving ground operations. In all instances, our Air Safety Consultants combine scientific analysis, material science, laboratory testing, piloting expertise, aircraft maintenance, and human factors to investigate aircraft accidents and promote aviation safety.

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Shopify Tactical Gear Store

SBI We stock a full selection of tactical gear from your favorite manufacturers! Whether you're active duty military, walking a police beat, fighting fires or saving lives, our warehouse is sure to have the tactical gear you need


State Licensed Agency # A1800066

Founder and CEO Arden O. Griffiths is a Certify NRA Firearm Instructor, State License Private Investigator, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Dignitary Protection Officer, State License

Special Branch Investigation (SBI) has over 40 years of combined experience both in the United States and Caribbean in civil and criminal investigations , executive protection, personal injury claims investigations , Public Record research, medical records review, Insurance Fraud Claims. domestic violence protection, aviation investigation.

Our Duty of Confidentiality: Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, Special Branch Investigation Agency and the Recipient shall, during the term of this Agreement and thereafter as provided herein, take all reasonable measures to prevent the disclosure of Confidential Information. In the event the Special Branch Investigation Agency shall be legally compelled to disclose any Confidential Information, Recipient will provide Disclosure with Advance wrote the notice and shall not be held Liable for such Disclosure

State Licensed Agency # A1800066

In Lovely Memory of Leo Morales

Fallen Bodyguard

In Loving Memory of Leo Morales a friend, a mentor, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a bodyguard, and now an Angel

"It is true that we do not recognize greatness among us. Our measurements of importance are generally faulty and speak mainly to the superficialities of life, e.g., where one lives, the type of clothing one wears, the cars one drives, to the number of bodyguards that one employs to carry a gun, to Shield us from death.

To give us a safe Passage, bodyguards are driven by Honor and not greed a special breed of men and women who are trained to run into the line of fire instead of away from it, all in the name of crime, domestic violence, and kidnapping. A job where you can watch the sunrise, but never make it see the sunset. And with every life lost creates a procedure to save another bodyguard, because they are the Gatekeepers of a society of pestilence. It was my honor to serve with you. -Rudy Gonzalez

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