Elements of Composition Portfolio by Noah Belviy

I took this picture by the wood stove in my house. It has a very nice stone rough pattern. It took a very nice shape when I took it with my I Phone 6s. It is very artsy and vintage, making a great effect on the stone. Although it is not a perfect pattern, i thought it was pretty so I added it in.

This is a picture of a charred piece of wood that I took on my I Phone 6s. It seems to have a very rough and tough texture. I had to bend down very far to get the desired effect, and got a few splinters in the process.

I used the rule of thirds to take a picture of this Honda Civic Si. I got the desired effect from this picture because the car is not completely centered, making it have a more aggressive look in my opinion. It also has a nice reflection of the sun, also making a bigger emphasis on the car.

This is a picture of my driveway taken with my I Phone 6s. I laid down to take this picture to get the desired effect. There is a line of trees and bushes in between the line, making it more beautiful.

This is a picture of my door window frame. I thought it was very pretty so i took a picture of it. I didn't get the exact turnout i wanted, because the rest of it is dark, but it still looks good.

This is a picture of the wood stove at my house. It looks much better with more space in it. I had to bend down really far and tilt my camera around to get the desired effect.

This shallow depth of field picture was very hard to do in my opinion . The camera on the I Phone 6s is very good, so i had to freshen it up with some apps. I did not happen to get the desired effect with this picture.

This is the deep depth of field picture of a log and my swing set. I lied down to take this picture, so I got pretty muddy.

This is a picture of my dog, Bailey that exhibits a second example of deep depth of field.

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