The Stranger Beside Me Ted Bundy Ann rule

The Stranger Beside Me Ted Bundy is a book written by Ann Rule, this book is based on a true stories that took place in many states in the united stated and unexplained murderers that were never unknown by the police until one day they find out the truth about everything. This book is 625 pages, you might think its a lot, but let me tell you every single word a phrase and page has a meaning and explaining of what the author is trying to tell us. This book is a true story, but many people are question "Why would anyone want to kill", well everyone has a different view of killing for example a bad childhood, bad relationship these are all factors that make people wanna kill others to get revenge. But is killing really the cure to what you experienced or even worth it? That's what were about to know.Ann Rule herself the writer was Ted's friend at work and she didn't think that Ted would ever become a killer or even the thought of it was unbelievable.

What i learned is that if you murder someone and torture someone you think you would never get caught, but you will because whatever you do will turn against you in the end and you might regret doing it or you might not who knows. The most interesting thing I've learned was that the killer could be anyone, it could be your son your daughter or even your parents or best friends and you might not know it until its already done and you cant do anything about it. Ted Bundy was the type of man that would kill and never look back and regret it, he was a cold-hearted men. Ted was a good looking men he was tall and was all lady's type he had his hair parted and had a gentle eye sight. Ted was an intelligent student he was really good at school and his grades were high A's and everyone liked him he was a really love-able person and got all the love he wanted, but why did he turn into that monster did he have in him since he was a child or was it only infection that got into him suddenly?

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