Boston Tea Party Ashton Williams

Last night, December 16th 1773 a group of colonist dressed as Mohawk Indians showed their growing rage towards the Red coats (British) by dumping 342 crates of tea into the Boston harbor. The raid was a reaction to the Tea act of 1773, This tax is one of the many taxes that us the colonist are enraged by. This act of rebellion was organized and performed by the sons of liberty who are sworn to bringing liberty to America and break away from the tyranny of Britain. Samuel Adams was one of the main contributors to this midnight raid with 60 other contenders.

Most colonist, even myself believe that the reasons the sons of liberty attacked the tea ships was, one because of the recent taxes that have been placed upon us (taxation without representation) and the Boston massacre, a truly horrific night for us all. The affects of the events that have occurred last night will stir the kings court when he gets the word of the act. I wonder if this will lead to a revolution in our country towards freedom and liberty or will this lead to more struggle for the colonies and potentially more British control.


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