Rome piccolo

This is the Tiber river it impacted their civilization by many reason one of the reason's is by giving them water and helping them get food and it helped them feel safe because they were not near the ocean so no pirates could come and get them and the pirate ships could not go up the river so that made the Romans feel safe.

They are surrounded by mountains and that is called a Apennines and that helped their civilization feel safe because no won could get to them and it helped their civilization defend if people tried to attack because the Romans would have the advantages because the romans would have the high ground and it would take a long time for them to get over the mountain

This is Italy and is shaped like a boot Rome people call it the boot but it helped Romes civilization because it protected them because they are surrounded by water and mountain and that helps because not a lot of people can come and attack and no one could bring their boat into Rome so it will be hard to attack Rome and it opened them up

Romes farm land helped their civilization by giving them food and also because of all that food Romes population grew even bigger because of that food and because their population grew so big it gave them more jobs and more jobs means more money so farm land really helped Romes civilization.


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