Flowers of 2020 Photography from Delaware Photographic Society Members

In a challenging year, Delaware Photographic Society members took time to capture peaceful and beautiful images.

These spectacular floral photographs are from backyards, nature walks, and garden visits. We hope you enjoy this virtual flower show.

A Crowd of Orchids

Alan Ebner

Bee Balm

Jon Massey

Bee on Top

Sonja Robson

Chrysanthemum Senkyo Kenshin

Cindy Wilson-Risko

Day Lily

Bob McCaffrey

Day Lily

Fred Rosenberg


Jerry amEnde

Floral Floating

Jaqueline Whalen

Flowers 2020

Steve Crumrine

Good Morning Sunshine

Jeff Komins


Michael Rudolph


Lynn Maniscalco


Rick Milillo

Kirsten's Flower II

Karen Purdy

"The rhododendron in my image flowers every year in May during the week of my daughter Kirsten’s birthday. A beautiful reminder of a blessed event."

Ladies Who Lunch

Kathleen Magner Rios

Little Flower, Little Bee

Joyce Pellam

Longwood Lotus

Mark Lieberman

Magnolia Scepter

Ginger Stein

Night-blooming Cereus

Cynthia L. McCaffrey

“…The first bud of the Night-blooming Cereus appears about two weeks prior to blooming. It is always a special evening when the bloom finally opens; the fragrance is light, and the blossom is beautiful. By morning, the blossom is closed and drooping. It is just a wonderful memory until next year.”

North Bergen Peonies

Jeannie Astifan

Papaver Orientale

Margaret Hennes


Ed Goldenberg


Esther Steffens

Purple Iris

Ed Healy

“While doing yard work, this single, vibrant iris caught my eye because of its beauty. I quickly photographed it before the light changed.”

Purple Victoria Waterlily

Patrick Litle

Spring 2020

Dick Greenwood

Spring Showers Bring Spring Flowers

Rose LeSage

Summertime Flowers

Virginia Apostolacus

Symbiotic Relationship

Paul Wilson


Donna Haldas

Titan Arum at Longwood

Karl Leck

Two Queen Anne’s Lace

Lewis Ware


Katie McHenry

The Delaware Photographic Society welcomes and encourages everyone to develop a lifelong interest in photography.

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