My life story Faith Miller

The song and the singer of the song in the story below

For some reason everytime I listen to Wish You Were Here by Avril Lavigne it reminds me of my best friend when I was in kindergarten. It was so long ago so I don't remember a lot about her I remember her name was Gracie her and I were best friends it was just me and her no one could separate us. We told each other everything the line called “behind this wall you just walk through it” reminds me of that because I could never keep anything from her plus I use to hide from everyone I was always very shy and very scared to talk to anyone so she was really the only exception. The line “All those crazy things we did” kind of reminds me of all the things we did like I remember at recess me and her would always go to this big tube thing and sit in it and tell secrets and all the boys would get on the top and snoop on us they would also poke their heads in and we would yell things like“Get out” or “leave us alone”. I also remember that me and her was playing with toys at a table when a boy came over with a train and he started to play with the toy train alone and out of nowhere he throw it at both of us it hit me and her in the head we started to cry (because we were like two and that is what little kids do)so the teachers came over and one held me and the other held her while we held hands. Another line that reminds me of her is “And the truth is that I really miss...You left them running through my head” This reminds me of her because I really do miss her she is always in my mind I can never stop thinking about her she was my only best friend at that time and I love her but it was not my fault me and my parents moved and I remember that day we had a goodbye party for me it was so fun all the kids in the class which we called the monkey classroom (because it had monkeys everywhere) made me a card and while they do that I was in the back of the room panting a drawing of me I remember that I got a drop of blue paint on my shoes and i never cleaned those shoes. We cried that day at recess It was a sad day for me but it was also very fun.

Me and my friend that was the one in the story below

Well I lost one of my best friends we were friends since 5th grade and then she moved away right before 7th grade. I remember when we meant I was very shy so when I saw the teacher came in with someone I never saw before I put my hood over my head and put my head down and then the teacher said “We have a new student so we are going to go around the room and everyone is going to introduce themselves” with every name it got closer to me and I sunk down in my seat with every name. I heard my only friend at that time started to scream out her name “HI MY NAME IS OLLYVIA WANT TO BE MY FRIEND” I giggled a little it kept going around till I heard the person next to me say their name my stomach dropped she called me to introduce myself I whispered “My name is faith” it kept going till the end and the teacher said for her to sit with Ollyvia. It took a couple days till we actually talked and then we could not be separated after that. After the school year ended I got on her bus and I rode it to her house I spent almost the whole summer there and we had tons of fun with pranks and watching shows and playing with dolls I know it sound childish but it always brought us closer. We went to Middle school together it was a fun year then the summer came we spent some time together and right before 7th grade she texted me and she said that she was moving in with her mom which her mom and dad had just got divorced and after I was very sad but even though she moved we still talked and text and hanged out at the dam a couple of times.

A quote for the story below

My best Friend when I was seven was a girl named ollyvia she was a sweet and kind girl that got bullied which I was really her only friend and I never knew why she was an amazing girl. I was the shy lonely girl and I remember seeing her sitting on the shaded area of the playground and she was crying so I got enough confidence to walk up to her and ask her what was wrong I sat next to her and she was chewing on her sleeve which was very normal for her at that time she would do that when she was upset or nervous but I asked her what was wrong and she said “some kids were being mean to her and calling her names”. We sat there and talked and I learned her name and I also learned that the bullying has went on for a very long time and people were calling her names like stupid and dumb and ugly stuff like that. She was the kind of person that she would never be embarrassed to say what was on her mind and she would love to meet new people and make new friends or in her case to try to make new friends. She was my first and only friend that I had since I moved schools and we were together since that day I remember that time I got bullied and she was by my side just like I always was the only time i did not tell her right away was when this kid said “If you don’t stop this then I will wrap you around a flagpole” It got me very scared i did not want to go to school my parents found out and talked to my teacher and after that the kid did not bug me and Ollyvia help me through it. She is a great friend and we are still great friends up to this day.


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