Acrylic fibers Ledaniel simmoNs

Natural resources in Acrylic fibers are Polyester, cotton, wool, silk.
Acrylic fibers are made from polymer

To be labeled as an "Acrylic" the polymer must contain 85% of acrylonitrile monomer

Physical Properties

Elasticity, luster , resiliency are all physical properties

Chemical properties

Acids, dyes, protection against mildew and insects are all chemical properties


In 1941 they trademarked them under the name Orlon
Methyl acetate and vinyl acetate are some of the commoners
Fibers play a big part with being in mostly all the sport brands we wearπŸ€πŸˆβš½οΈ


Some fibers like acrylic may cause cancer and that is harmful to society

The chances of that are pretty slim based on everyday life. We all wear sports gear. So wouldn't we all have cancer?
Acrylic nails and acrylic nails are different things both have different chemical and physical properties.


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