my city pamplona

Plamplona city have 57.803 habitans. The city is weather colder than giron, but Pamplona is hotter than Bogotá.Pamplona is known for: the haze, the cheese of pork the people and the chicha. The chica is drink tipic the city made from corn.

The Pamplona is smaller than Bucaramanga but the city is biggest than chinácota.

Bucaramanga have more parks than Pamplona. But Pamplona have most park than Pamplonita.

The central park of the city Refurbished three years ago.

The people eat most arepa made of Wheat flour, the fried the wheat flour andThe cema of water whith cheese of pork than cúcuta city.

The pamplona is most touristy than pamplonita.The city is more picturesque of north of santander.

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