Mary Fields By... Tessa Wagner Kendra Cunningham

Obstacles faced:: in a time when African Americans and women of any race faced significant obstacles Mary had the sand to live her life on her own terms.
Personal qualities ::1 She was 6ft tall and over 200 pounds. 2Fields was a black gun-totin' female in the American Wild West who was heavy, tough, short-tempered, two fisted, powerful, and she carried a pair of six- shooters and an eight or ten-gauge shotgun. 3The Native Americans called Fields "White Crow" because "she acts like a white woman but has black skin". 4In 1895, although approximately 60 years old, Fields was hired as a mail carrier because she was the fastest applicant to hitch a team of six horses. 5 First African-American woman employed to carry the U.S mail. 6 Traveled the mail route for Central Montana for more than ten years.
Accomplishments : She traveled north to Ohio, settled in Toledo and worked for the Catholic convent. When the nuns moved to Montana and Mary learned of mother Amadeus' failing health, she went West to help out. Mary's big heart drove her business into the ground several times because she would feed the hungry. She and her mule Moses, never missed a day, and it was in this capacity that she earned her nickname of "Stagecoach", for her unfailing reliability. She protected the nuns.

Time period:: she lived in Montana and she was born 1832 and died 1914

She celebrated her birthday on march 15th. In the 1870's fields began working at the Ursuline convent in Toledo Ohio were Dunnes sister, mother Mary was a superior. In the 1884 mother Amadeus traveled to Montana to join the Jesuits at St. Peter's mission. The next year in 1885 she wrote to request that the convent send more people to staff the struggling mission and boarding school.

Accomplishments:: Mary Fields lived by her wits and her strength. Having nursed mother Amadeus back to health, she decided to stay and help build the St.Peter's mission school. When turned away from the pistol -packing, hard-drinking woman, who needed nobody to fight her battles for her.

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