Cindy Smith Life on the Road

Going mobile and staying true to self

Cindy's story

"I had goals toward a second Masters Degree. One day Mark said:

'Imagine sitting on a deck on the coast of Maine. Now imagine watching whales jumping while you're sitting there. Could you do that?'

With that thought in mind, I found a way to complete my degree while on the road.

We purchased our RV in Iowa in January 2013 and we spent some time learning how to drive it at the dealership. Late in the afternoon they opened the bay and said, 'Time to go.' The snow turned into a blizzard and it took us two hours to travel 30 miles. We had to stop for the night but the RV was still winterized so we didn't have water. I was ready to return our RV to the dealership but I stayed the course.

We lived in Illinois but our children/grandchildren are scattered across the country. Being mobile allows us to see them more often and to stay longer. Our motivation was to downsize, eliminate real estate expenses and see the country. I did have reservations about leaving my agency and my practice.

We've pretty much covered the eastern part of the US and we only count states where we've visited their state capital. We have no particular future route but we're heading west."

In 2004 at the age of 49 and after raising 3 kids, Cindy received her BA in Human Services with a concentration in Psychology and in 2011 she received her MA in Forensic Psychology.

Cindy was instrumental in the creation of Peace4All and Foundations for Living Christian Counseling Center, designed to treat domestic violence victims and perpetrators, sexual assault victims and mental health clients.

Cindy doesn't foresee an end to her life on the road. However, she is currently working on her third degree - Masters in Clinical Mental Health - to become licensed to treat mental health patients without supervision. For 30 weeks she's temporarily settled in North Carolina as she completes her practicum and internship requirements. And, not surprisingly, while completing her degree she continues to see patients and volunteer.

It's not all text books, assignments and research. There's a little time thrown in to cycle, kayak, hike, explore, . . .

Dixie, Cindy, Bella and Mark

Cindy's goal is to serve mental health patients via online counseling services while touring and exploring North America in a MotorHome with her husband Mark.

I'm honored to know this fellow woman on the road and am inspired by her drive and commitment. Proud to know you, Cindy. May our paths cross often.

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