Not Everything is What it Seems by: emma baldauf

Have you ever felt invisible, like no one can ever see you or ever relate to your problems? Well, there is one person that can relate to this. Her name is Amelia.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Amelia woke up to the sound of her alarm clock going off.

“Why is this going off! It’s Sunday!” Amelia moaned.

Amelia shut off her alarm clock and tried to go back to bed but couldn’t. So, she decided to get up and start her day. Amelia slowly walked to her bathroom still waking up and went to wash her face. She picked up the bottle of face wash and tried to put some on her hand but nothing came out.

Oh no, I’m all out of face wash, I’ll go to the store after breakfast and get some, she thought to herself.

After a delicious Sunday morning breakfast with bacon and eggs, Amelia went back to her room to get dressed. After getting dressed, Amelia hopped in her car and drove to the store.

Amelia walked into the store and went into the body care section and looked for face wash. Amelia decided on one that claimed it could make your skin so smooth, anything would be invisible. So, she decided to get that one. She went on with her day and later that night used her brand new face wash. Right after she used it Amelia felt like her skin was smoother. She put on her pajamas, brushed her teeth, and went to bed. Little did Amelia know, what crazy things would happen the next day.

The next day, Amelia woke up to her alarm clock going off again. She went to the bathroom to take a shower and looked in the mirror and saw nothing.

“Oh my gosh! Why don’t I see myself in the mirror!” Amelia screamed.

“Wait, I’m not invisible, my mind is just probably playing tricks on me.” Amelia told herself.

She took a deep breath and went on with getting ready.

Amelia got in her car and drove to work. She got a bunch of freaked out started but didn’t pay attention to them. She parked her car and went inside to her work, Insight Out. A company that thinks of ideas/designs for glasses. Amelia sat down at her desk and started drawing. Her boss went up to her desk and screamed.

“Oh my gosh! What is going on here?”

“Oh, sorry boss. I forgot, no water next to the computer,” Amelia politely said.

“Amelia, where are you? If you're playing tricks on me you're on your way to getting fired,”

“I’m not I promise. I’m sitting right here!” Amelia exclaimed

“That’s it, whatever you're doing isn’t funny. You're fired!” Amelia’s boss angrily screamed.

Amelia had no clue what he was talking about. She moped to her car and drove home, again ignoring the freaked out faces. Amelia ran to her bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw nothing except for her clothes.

What’s happening? Why can’t I see myself? Wait. Am I really invisible? That explains the freaked out stares, and why I got fired! Amelia thought to herself.

But, how did this happen? Ok. I need to retrace my steps.

Amelia spent all day retracing her steps but couldn’t figure out anything.

“Maybe I’ll turn invisible if I go about my day!” Amelia thought to herself. So, Amelia did exactly that. She decided she could go to Live Oak Park and catch up on her reading. She got dressed and drove there. She sat down on a park bench and read. It was so nice to be sitting down reading, while Amelia was reading. She forgot completely about everything that happened.

When Amelia looked at her watch, it was 4:30. She decided to go home and start getting dinner ready. Amelia eats dinner, and goes to bed. Tired from a long day. The next morning Amelia decided she is going to spend the whole day trying to figure out how she got turned invisible and is going to retrace her steps.

Amelia starts in her room and walks all around the house, then goes in her car, goes to the store, and does everything else she did that day when she was actually visible. No matter what Amelia did, no matter how times she retraced her steps, she couldn’t figure out how she got turned invisible. She went home and plopped on her bed, annoyed and frustrated.

“This is useless! I can’t figure out how this happened! No matter what I do, I can’t figure this out!” Amelia screamed.

She laid face down on her pillow and cried. A few minutes later, Amelia decided to get some sleep, not knowing what she would do the next day.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Amelia woke up to her alarm clock beeping. She looked at the time. 6:30.

“Why is my alarm clock going off? I got fired,” Amelia sleepily questioned.

Amelia reached over to turn it off then saw her hand and jumped out of bed and sprinted into the bathroom. She in the mirror. She was really there! She looked in her cabinet for the new face wash she bought. It wasn’t there. Replacing it was her normal face wash.

“It was all a dream!” Amelia said relieved.

She got walked out of her bathroom and got ready for her day thankful everything was ok.

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