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In this particular piece of client work I started by asking what exactly my client expected from me. I wanted to know what kind of things he wanted to see on their shirt, not only that but I asked the client what kinds of things they wanted incorporated on their piece. So after figuring out what was expected of me and my client I began by brainstorming what kinds of themes would fit. So I decided to go with an "asian" theme because I knew there was a lot of things I could incorporate in it. After I had an idea of what kind of shirt I was going to design I began to work in illustrator. Primarily because I find illustrator more compatible and easier to use. After finishing I was kind of skittish to show what I had done, Because this was the first time I had done any kinds of work other than for myself or school.
In contrast to my last client work, I actually enjoyed creating this one a lot more. In this case my client asked me to create a logo for his YouTube channel, in which he pretty much trusted me to design however I liked. So to start this I began by looking up some common circular or badge type logos, because I thought they were simple yet clean looking. After I got a feel for what kind of logo I was going to do I went to illustrator. I chose illustrator because I feel like its more compatible with logo design because of its features. Anyways after I started with creating a circle effect with a black and white base. My thought process behind this was black and white can make almost anything look good therefore it would be a good base to start. After I put my client's name in the center and added a little portion of a symbol behind it in order to add some detail to it. After completing this I realized that I enjoy client works in which I have more control to do my own work. Not only that but when the client gives you more freedom I find that the work might even turn out better.


To start the portion of my portfolio that has my own personal work I decided to include this one first because it was the first one I did this year and also my favorite of my own personal works. I really liked how this one turned out in my opinion it looks really clean and has some nice tones to it. I began this project in Photoshop by first setting up all the text on the page. After I had set up all the text and where I wanted them to go I began to play around and find some fonts that looked sleek. I don't remember which fonts I used exactly. But anyways after I set up my text I warped the top one to give spice up the page a little bit. Not only that but I added a line and a few circle symbols to create a cleaner look. After I had finished adding in all my symbols and text and putting them where I liked, I put an image of a wood board in the background to make it look more modern. The last thing I did was add a texture over the letters to give a grunge feel to it. Like I stated earlier this was probably one of my favorite pieces that I did on my own. I really enjoyed how it came and how nice it looks.
This piece of work was kind of an interesting one because I started it by just tracing out a lion with the pen tool in Photoshop. At first I didn't actually like how it turned out so I started playing around and thought of a way that I could spice it up a bit. So I went onto dafont and played around with some fonts and found one that I actually really liked. Again I'm unfamiliar with the name, for some reason I just can't remember them. But after I found the font I realized that it looked really good with the lion I traced (at least in my opinion). So i put the two together and actually really like how they turned out. After I put some paw prints behind the text to give it a more playful feel to it. It was another little detail that I think gives the piece some more feel to it. After completing this project I was pretty satisfied with the way it turned out I think it really grew on me as I worked on it.
This is also one of my favorite personal works I have done. Although it is quite simple I really enjoyed the concept and I look forward to working a bit more with it in the future. This was one of the symbol fonts on dafont, in which I image traced it in illustrator. And it gave me a solid outline of this man playing the flute on top of a dragon. At first I was unsure what to do with it, so I decided to colorize it. I started by using my favorite color, red, as the base and decided to play off what colors would look good with it. I decided that white on a red background really pops so I kept the man white and just gave him a little bit of blue on his clothes to prevent him looking bland. Next I colored his flute a lime green color so it would really pop and be extremely noticeable. After I went onto the dragon, And I decided to keep him on the darker side. So I went with a black and gray finish. I tried to give him like a goldish trim on the inside but it turned out kind of weird. I also kept his horns, eyes, and teeth white so they would really pop. And you could really define those features on a dragon. Like stated previously I really enjoy this simple yet awesome concept and I want to do some more work with it in the future.

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