Men for Planned Parenthood #MenInPink


In a political environment where Planned Parenthood is under attack, male allies are key in the fight for reproductive justice. Although the right to choose and the right to access family planning is a female issue, gaining support from men means women no longer have to stand alone when trying to galvanize public opinion.

Campaign Goals:

1. Inspire Advocacy

We want men to know that they have a voice in the fight to keep Planned Parenthood funded by the federal government. #MenInPink aims to inspire advocacy from men of all walks of life who feel that Planned Parenthood has a positive impact on their mothers, daughters, partners, and friends.

2. Raise Awareness:

Although the popular narrative is that PP is strictly for women's health, PP actually offers a variety of services for men, including screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, counseling and testing for HIV, condoms, and counseling and referrals for free or low-cost vasectomy. We want our Y-chromosome-d allies to know that PP is here for them too.

3. Reach Policy-Makers

Female members of Congress and state legislatures should never be alone when taking a stand. We will encourage supporters to take action by reaching out to their male representatives to ask that they help become supportive voices in PP advocacy.

Target Audiences:

  • Young, liberal men who are prone to activism and want to become advocates
  • LGBTQIA men who will benefit from increased awareness to PP's services
  • Male politicians at the local and nation level who support pro-choice women
  • Grassroots activists who will be reinvigorated to get involved

Current Approaches:

Although Planned Parenthood has tried to advertise its services for men, there has never before been a coordinated effort to inspire advocacy in male allies. In fact there has never been a sustained, national, online effort to promote its services for men. To look at similar campaigns, we can look at #IDEFY, the new five-year effort to identify, train, and mobilize young people in order to bring them into the Planned Parenthood family for affordable high quality health care, comprehensive sex education, and a lifetime of activism. #IDEFY officially launched with a Facebook Live event on the afternoon of January 22, 2017, "the day after the Women’s March and on 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade — which secured the right to safe, legal abortion in this country — one of the many basic rights young people are passionate about and are gearing up to protect in 2017 and beyond" according to PP's press team.

Campaign Deliverables:

  • 150 Congressmen supporting our campaign on the behalf of PP
  • 100,000 followers/likes on our Men for PP Twitter/Facebook accounts
  • $250,000 in donations for Planned Parenthood Federation of America
  • 500,000 signatures on a petition from men demanding PP stays funded

Action Items:

  • Create a Men for Planned Parenthood account across all social media
  • Host a Facebook Live event/periscope video to launch the campaign
  • Include #MenInPink in social media posts to get the hashtag trending
  • Enlist politicians and celebrities to create buzz on social networks
  • Promote PP donations across social media
  • Utilize sponsored/paid content to reach new and select audiences

Social Media Platforms

Twitter: Sample Tweets

Facebook: Sample Status

Snapchat: Snap Filter

Instagram: Sample Post

#MenInPink march in support of the fearless women who inspire us every day.

Call to Action:

Post a picture of yourself mailing a letter to congress, phonebanking, calling your representative, attending a rally, or any other form of reproductive activism and use the hashtag #MenInPinkTakeAction. You will be automatically added to a lottery to meet PPFA President Cecile Richards, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Lin-Manuel Miranda in a conversation about gaining public support for Planned Parenthood in the era of Trump.

Liberals love these three people and all three have championed Planned Parenthood very publicly and passionately.


1. The evaluation of current approaches was helpful, as it helped us deem the Facebook Live event a useful tool in kicking-off a new campaign

2. Providing a Snapchat filter made it easy for "slacktivists" to show support to their social networks and help spread the campaign's slogan and compound interest

3. As much as we love purely organic activism, incentivizing activist involvement helped not only facilitate the activism itself, but helped publicize and promote our grassroots efforts.

Remember: "Care. No Matter What."


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