Jim Crow

Negros protesting because of this unfair law

During the time of Jim Crow negros had an unfair chance when it came to voting . A Jim Crow rule that was made against them called the grandfather rule. This law basically stated that if your grandfather could vote you could vote, and if he couldn't vote neither could you.

In this photo is shows people protesting against this Jim Crow law

Another Jim Crow law that made against blacks was that blacks had to pay to vote. This law was very unfair because whites don't have to pay to vote and blacks had to. This law shows the how in society the whites ruled over the negros especially when it came to laws.

In order for a black man to vote they had to take a literacy test, this test would depict if they could vote or not. The unfair part was blacks had to get almost every question right to be able to vote. While the whites could get many wrong and still vote

Economic affects of Jim Crow

Back during the times when Jim Crow was around, blacks had a very hard time finding jobs. Most companies only took white workers because they were known to be more superior and better. Since no jobs were available negros had to find jobs in the fields and farms.

Like said in the paragraph before this, negros had to find jobs on the farms. It was common for blacks to do something called sharecropping. Down south a majority of the negros weremt rich so they worked as sharecroppers. Sharecropping aloud them to work for someone, while Ben fitting from it by recedving some of the food harvested.

Lastly, because of all the Jim Crow laws that restricted negros from becoming wealthy negros were struck working in the farms. Blacks were becoming wealthier but the Jim Crow laws prevented that. The laws didn't allow negros to become to powerful so they were forced to work in farms.


During the times of Jim Crow, all non whites and especially negros, were restricted from a lot of things whites could do. For example, blacks had curfews on how late they could stay out. While whites could do mostly anything in their favor.

Another example of blacks being treated differently is they couldn't eat at the same time as whites. Since whites were more "superior" they ate first. While blacks had to wait till they were done eating. Or in other cases blacks and whites couldn't eat together.

Last but not least, blacks couldn't walk on the same side of the road as whites. When a white was walking behind a black they had to move over for the whites. Just because of a different skin color, it changed almost everything in the lives between a black and a white person.

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