1st Quarter Fame Trip Tx-W Coordinators

Texas West is headed to WWHQ!!
Qualification is simple ... achieve Fame in the 1st Quarter and earn a spot on the trip!
We will make a toast to you in celebration of your leadership!
And wine & dine you in appreciation of your hard work!!
We are going to visit the Aflac Children's Cancer Center...
... hear from executives on the direction of our company.
And, make some good ol' fashion camaraderie!!
So........now is the time. Build momentum towards Q1 Fame by narrowing YOUR FOCUS on 3 activities THAT WILL DRIVE team's execution in Q1.
1). Be a recruiting & nominating machine!
2). Follow through on your associates' income planning sessions, and make next month's even more impactful!!
3). Stay laser focused on achieving your New Account Target in Q1!!
So FIRE UP!! Let's make it happen!!
It'll require discipline.
But remember, your 1st Fame is worth the most... because you can't get 4th if you miss your 1st.
I'm fired up!!!!
Here in the 1st Quarter... I believe you can "make it happen"!!!
Created By
Adam Wichmann

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