The Rise of Hitler By: Jeffrey Parish

Adolf Hitler

We didn't know Hitler would ever be a threat. He grew up wanting to be an Artist. But when he got rejected from an art school so many times, he decided to join the military. He was an excellent soldier. He survived way longer than most soldiers ever do. And when he did, he realized that war was his calling. He joined the Nazi party and rose through the ranks. Eventually being elected Chancellor of Germany. But he did not do this peacefully. There is a lot of suspicion that he had to eliminate a lot of his rivals to get to the top. Hitler wasn't a very trusting person. He was known to kill someone the moment he had any suspicion about them. Hitler was a big threat. He believed that Jews were the reason for all of Germany's problems. He had a lot of reasons to believe this, but mostly all of them were just personal reasons. He started the Holocaust. This was the mass murder of over 10 million people. A lot of people in America didn't even believe it was happening. Believe it or not, most of the German people liked Hitler. They had been so torn down from the previous war. And Hitler came along and finally gave the people hope. Towards the end of his reign he became a heavy drug addict. And this was affecting his decision-making terribly. Eventually, it would end up to his defeat and he would end up committing suicide before anyone could get to him.

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