Tomb Treasures Nashi Asian art museum

Mat weights in shape of tigers

The first artifact that I chose were these. These mat weights really caught my attention because these are weights that were made fit for a king. They are made of bronze with gold and silver inlines. The gold signifies its importance, bravery, and power.

Tent weights in shape of tigers

The tent weights are in the shape of tigers. (Tigers seem to be very popular.) It is made of bronze. There are four, one foe each corner. I think that the Han Dynasty really respected tigers and thought of them as royal animals.

Critical Thinking Question

What impact did the development of agriculture have on the creation of these artifacts?

Both of these artifacts represent wealth and being at the top of the hierarchy in society. The agriculture industry made them financially successful, therefore they could afford precious metals and artifacts such as: bronze, silver, and gold.

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