Slowing Down The Swing With Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth is an exceptional golfer. He is a young and talented, he has won countless tournaments by using his golf swing, including the Masters. I sat down with the golfer to talk about how he is here today, his swing.

This is Jordan wearing the Masters Jacket when he won the Masters

One of the things Jordan wants to focus on before the actions of the swing is the club. He prefers the brand Titleist, he enjoys the grip of the club and the contact with he ball. But he wants you to feel comfortable with your club, it is an important aspect of golf.

The first step to your swing, he said "You are just going to have to look at the basics." He talks about focusing on your set up, alignment, and posture with the ball to the hole.

What Jordan likes to do when visualizing the shot is to step back and think of a similar shot on the driving range.

The first thing he does when he is stepping up to the ball is to have his club down behind the ball. Than looks up at the hole and where he is positioned. Than he likes to align his feet and body to where he wants to hit it.

Jordan always likes to have a swing thought before he swing, he said this week "I'm thinking about rolling my face open as I load into my right side on the back swing"

He says if you stay focused on that and not the pressure, and if you have enough practice you should be ready.

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