Canbury School Newsletter 26 february 2021. issue 229

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

We're all ready and waiting for students and staff to come into school next week for their covid testing ahead of the great re-turn for all on Monday 8th March. Please may I ask for anyone who is still holding onto their consent form to get it back to reception as a matter of urgency. Thank you.

Well Year 11 have conducted themselves very well this week taking their mocks as seriously as they need to. Well done. You have one more week to go, so get some rest and relaxation this weekend, and do a little more revising and just keep focussed. You are all doing brilliantly. I am so very proud of you.

Talking of Year 11, what a fabulous photograph at the top of this week's Newsletter, taken by Headboy Max as part of his Photography GCSE coursework. I must say it doesn't do it justice here - it's really an excellent arrangement.

So just one more week to go until we will all be re-united. Stay safe, stay working hard, and stay off those screens when not in classroom. It's beautiful weather forecast for the weekend - get out in it!

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Year 7

Tremendous effort from all in their Spanish end of module assessment this week.

All English students for mature and thoughtful debate on the themes of Dystopian Fiction.

Year 8

Thomas and Karim for doing their home mindfulness practice. Excellent!

Freddie, Olivia and Layla for their active participation in the Wellbeing lesson.

PSHE students for learning to give and take compliments. Keep it up!

Tremendous effort too from all in their Spanish end of module assessment this week

Year 9

All English students for detailed research presentations on famous American writers.

Very well done to Zac for his outstanding performance in the History end of unit test on Britain 1750-1900.

Adam, Orlanda and Zac for their wonderful Spanish revision documents.

Year 10

Larry for improved English extended writing. Well done Larry.

Great achievements by Matthew, Harry, Harry and Ain in their Spanish GCSE conversations.

Year 11

A big well done to all the photography students who made excellent progress with their course work this week.

Staff star of the week

In an occasional series, we shine the spotlight on a member of staff who has turned out to be a star. This week the award goes to Spanish teacher Mrs Porter. Charity prefect Otti in Year 10 has put together a wonderful literary quiz as part of next week's World Book Day arrangements.

Said Otti: " I received such a lovely email from Mrs Porter when putting together the quiz and it really made me smile because it was just so lovely - and I didn't pick her subject (to do as GCSE) last year! It just cheered me up so much."

So there you go Mrs Porter, tremendous effort from YOU, not just your students (see above).

The Covid Diaries, part 1.

Some of our students have been taking part in writing their own 'Covid diaries'. Their writing has been thought-provoking and eloquent, and we thought we would share some of their work with you in this week's Newsletter.

"My life with covid would be one of suffering, but it does make me less stressed.

I have done lots of work online and I have to do exercise in my playroom, also I have been reading a few times and playing a few games like Fortnite.

I have been sledding when it snowed and my friends have been okay, my family also have enjoyed me making my special pizza.

My favourite amazon series have been grandtour and Lego Ninjago, my favorite tv series is The Mandalorian and The Simpsons.

My favorite place to go for a walk is Richmond Park with my family to take my dog Poppy for a walk.

My best times at online learning is when my mother gives me some fruit for a nice snack, also online learning lets us wear whatever clothes we want.

However, the worst parts of online learning are when the internet goes completely ballistic, my family lets me make pizza every Friday as a special treat. I also tried curry for the first time in my life, the happiest memory of lockdown was when I and my family went sledding together in the snow.

I don’t know if I ever had the funniest lesson in lockdown, the most enjoyable lesson was art, Drama maths, and English.

I even had an interesting lesson: it was Science.

After lockdown, I really want to go to Italy for the summer holidays, so that I could go to a pizza restaurant or maybe I could make some pizza for my family."

Angus, Year 8.

Take a bow Mrs Haines and her students!

Ms Clancy had a great report back during half term from exam board Pearson, about Standards Verification. Standards verification is how Pearson check schools are operating appropriate quality assurance and maintaining national standards.

This particular report looked at Canbury's teaching of Functional Skills Maths and English. In the event, we have met all the standards with the report stating:

'"The standard of marking and verifying for this qualification is of a very high standard. This is a centre that fully understands this qualification and has a very robust system to ensure that they are adhering to the national high standards."

So step forward Functional skills teacher Mrs Haines for all her hard work. And take a bow following students who have thrived under her excellent pupilage:

Aansh, Ellie, Harry B and Jack. Congratulations to you all. Very well done.

The Covid Diaries - part 2.

My favourite film during the lockdowns were Abominable. My favourite TV show was Class Dismissed. My favourite outdoor space to walk was Runnymede which is near Windsor. The best thing about remote learning is not waking up too early. The worst thing about remote learning is having too much screen time and sitting in the same place. My happiest memory in Lockdown was in the second lockdown because we didn't do remote learning and school was face to face. The funniest moment in a lesson was when we had to do some of our Games onsite during the second half of the autumn term. The most enjoyable lesson was the art and graphics ones because I love art. The most interesting lessons were the English lessons with Mr Batten and Mr Natt when he was still working at the school. When the third lockdown lifts, I would like to go to Pizza Express, a holiday in the UK but I don't know where and I would like to go to the British Wildlife Centre.

Layla, Year 8.

World Book Day - who will YOU dress as?

It's World Book Day this coming Thursday 4th March, and here at Canbury we simply can't wait to mark it. This year, Mrs Rich and charity prefect Otti (the dream team) have drawn up an exciting plan of actitivies for us all to get stuck into. so read on and get stuck in.

Students and staff are invited to dress up (book themed) and send in your photo to Mrs Rich (by Wednesday ideally please). We will then put together a fashion show style video of these ready to show. You are also welcome to wear your outfit to school/lessons on Thursday if you wish! This does not mean you can wear your PJs to class - just saying!

Other plans include a literary themed quiz, form time 'talking favourite books' topics, and a design a book token challenge. An email went home today to everyone and included a WBD £1 token which can be used to purchase an online book from various booksellers or you can put it towards a book of your choice.

If you would like to support the tremendous work of the World Book Day charity, you can do so here with a donation:


A donation of £1 helps the charity to get £1 book tokens and books to every child in the UK and Ireland. Additionally, a portion of the donations through this campaign will be sent to Book Aid International to help them with their mission to send books to the children who need them most.

Now, get into that dressing up box and see what book character outfit you can rustle up, and then, smiley for the birdy, and send your picture to Mrs Rich.

The Covid Diaries, part 3.

My Favourite Netflix series - The Dragon Prince

My Favourite TV series - Mandolorian

My favourite outside space/walk - my grandparents' house

The best thing about remote learning - You do less writing on paper

The worst about remote learning - you can’t do practicals

The best food I've had in lockdown was - Pizza

My happiest memory in lockdown is - going to a wood

My funniest moment in a lesson was - when Sam S disappeared

The most enjoyable lesson was - English

The most interesting lesson was - Geography

After lockdown I want to go to… my grandparents house.

William, Year 7.

Well Being - it's time to switch off our auto pilot.

Writes Ms Patrycja: The Year 8s have started learning about being on ‘autopilot’ and how to be more present - being in the now. They were all brilliant! I loved how they managed to identify and then recall the main message from this week’s video. They remembered that the first line was “Yesterday is history” and then… see below how all of them worked on the rest of the message as a group in the chat.

Layla, 3:08 pm

Tomorrow’s a mystery

Karim. 3.09pm

Believe in yourself

Olivia. 3.09pm

Quit, don’t quit… Tomorrow is a mystery

Thomas, 3.09pm

Stay in today

Freddie, 3.10pm

'today is a ?

Karim, 3.10pm

Don’t stop. Tomorrow is a mystery

Jessica. 3.10pm

Today is a gift that is why it's called the present.

And here we have the message in its entirety.

The Covid Diaries - part 4.

My favourite TV series is the Bride of Beirut. My favourite outside space is Richmond Park. The best part about remote learning is that I get one more hour of sleep and I get to have a meet call for class everyday. What I enjoy about lockdown is playing football on Xbox One, spending time with my parents, spending time in my garden, jumping on my trampoline, playing football and catch ball with my dad and sometimes with my mom.

The worst part about remote learning is that I don’t get to see my friends and teacher in person and the work is a bit difficult. What I hate about Coronavirus is always being isolated and not being able to get a Schengen Visa to explore the European Union. The best food I’ve had during lockdown is pancakes. My happiest moment during lockdown is when I do the flips on the trampoline.

The most fun I had during the lockdown was when I met Ross and Matthew at Richmond park and had a nature walk. The most enjoyable lesson was the therapy groups because Thomas, Ollie, Freddie, Jessica and I played games together. The most interesting lesson was English because we worked as a team and learned about Queenstown.

After lockdown I want to go to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States because you can have a fun time on the beach. The restaurant I want to go to after lockdown is Five Guys- I love their burgers and french fries. The other destinations I want to visit after lockdown are Ceçme, Turkey (a summer destination in Turkey which is on the Aegean Coast ), Toronto (Canada) and Vancouver (Canada).

Hopefully we will all be vaccinated and get back to normal.

Karim, Year 8.

House News

Gold/ Red Achiever Award 250 House Points - Matthew T (Congratulations Matthew).

Look at this delicious creation! Well done to Emily in Year 12 who made it from scratch using buckwheat flour and home made nutella sauce. Mr Bourgi will be awarding you extra House Points Emily as no one entered the pancake challenge except you. So it's a double win for your House.

Matthew made us laugh at assembly today.

Thank you to Matthew A who did a great slot in today's assembly with a 'guess the staff member' photo competition. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and there was much laughter, which frankly, was something everyone needs at the moment. Well done Matthew - that took some time and thought.

The Covid Diaries, part 5.

Dear diary, today started like any other day. I got woken up by my mum to a rub on the shoulder. As I opened my eyes, trying to ignore the strong demand of my body to roll back to sleep. I get up and tie my hair up as I pigeon walk down the stairs to the kitchen were my daily bowl of cereal is awaiting me, my brother also looking half asleep on the other side of the table eating his breakfast with no to a little facial expression but in all the silence my mother called my sister’s name to come down and eat breakfast, she is usually the last down as she just falls asleep again (typical) but once she comes down and starts to eat the silence once again returns to the table.

When I finish breakfast I waddle back upstairs to my room and pick the outfit of the day which consists of a short sleeve T-shirt a hoodie that could be mistaken for a tent and jeans that are as old as the hills after all that excitement I brush my teeth and once again crawl in to bed before form. With the precious five-ten minutes I have my morning routine of checking my phone to see any missed messages or streaks from an app called Snap chat (that's for the old people) and if I have any remaining time I would watch tik tok.

Two minutes before I am required to go to form I head up the last flight of stairs and slump in my desk chair, with my best effort I try to awake my chrome book and not to my surprise… it didn't awaken so I shut the lid and with little to no hope I open the top again and once again no luck. I sigh and think “third time’s the charm” and then to my relief it turns on (thank goodness) I join form to hear Mr Batten cheery as ever and to this day I wonder how he does it but that's besides the point.

Now I'm not going to bore you about all 6 lessons but what I will say is I am always very happy for lunch. When I finish school I head down stairs and run to the safety of my room. I close the door and hop on my ipad to watch Netflix and i put on kakegurui (it’s an anime if anyone is wondering) but not five minutes later I hear my mum come in to my room as it is time to go for a walk, even though I am not in any state to either want or need to ( I say that with the full knowledge that is is good for me but any how) but I end up going for a 10 minute walk. In the end I do find it quite enjoyable. After the walk I return to my bedroom and play some roblox (an online game) with my sister. It is fun. I enjoy playing with her.

Around 6:30 we are called for dinner, my mum is a really good cook and I always look forward to dinner. After we eat we all go upstairs to get ready for a bath and to brush our teeth one by one. After we are clean I go to my room and put Arlo to bed (Arlo is a tortoise) and at around 9:30 it lights out.

And it repeats again. And again. And again. And again...

Ollie B, Year 8.

If you have five minutes, this may be a very useful read.

It's an article about helping children cope with coming back physically to school the week after next, following the third and hopefully last lockdown:


The Covid Diaries, part 6.

My favourite series on Netflix is the Ponysitters Club. I like quite a lot of tv shows but the one I like the most is His Dark Materials. I like to go out to Battersea park and Clapham Common. The best thing about home learning is the lessons are shorter. The worst thing about home learning is the connection. My favorite food in lockdown was a takeaway chinese. My happiest memory in lockdown was the snow. The funniest moment was my cat chasing its tail. The most enjoyable lesson was Maths. In lockdown the most interesting lesson was English, when we were learning about Carlisle Indian School. After lockdown I really want to go to see Cinderella the musical on my Birthday. I also want to go to "Go Ape" tree top challenge at Aberfoyle.

Flora, Year 9.

Clancy's Cookey Citchen

So it was a fond farewell from Ms Clancy this week with the last-ever Clancy's Cooker Citchen. Layla, Angus and Reenie remotely joined the Headmistress to bake a no-bake (only at Canbury) strawberry cheesecake. In the event, Reenie went all fancy and made a lemon one. Here's a picture of Ms Clancy's work station before it got messy, along with her finished products and a photograph of Layla's creation. Ms Clancy took her cheesecake into school for everyone - it didn't last long. We have to say Layla - yours looked as good as Ms Clancy's, you did a marvellous job there. We bet it tasted delicious as it looked!

Top, Clancy's Citchen; middle, Layla's creation, bottom, our Headmistress's contributions. For the record, please do remember students that 'kitchen' is spelt with a 'K', not a 'C'!

Careers corner.

We have been sent information about two free webinar events some of our students may wish to sign uip for. If a life in the army or the RAF sounds of interest, read on.

The Insight into Army Careers virtual event take places on Friday 5th March from 11.30-12.30pm. You will be treated to a whistle-stop tour of army careers – looking at the wide range of roles and different routes into the army. This virtual event is for anyone interested in finding out more about Army opportunities; no previous knowledge required. The event will also look at the qualifications on offer including apprenticeships and degrees, as well as the Army Foundation College, Harrogate. To sign up, go here:


Then to mark International Women's Day 2021, the Royal Air Force (RAF) in partnership with Amazing Apprenticeships, will be running an exclusive free webinar for students in Years 10-13, to explore the apprenticeship and career opportunities available for them.

On Monday 8th March from 2 - 3.30pm you can hear from ambassadors and recruitment staff within different areas of the RAF. The webinar will include an engaging mix of presentations, interactive workshops and valuable Q&A opportunities with a panel of RAF Ambassadors. To sign up for this event, go here:


NB: if these webinars take place when you should be in lesson, please get permission from your tutor and subject teacher.

It's the end of the Newsletter - so let's meet the staff member.

Smiley Miss Mountain - she'll be heading out to see the world again just as soon as circumstances allow!

This week we took five minutes with Science teacher Miss Mountain. Don't go to her for home baking skills but do stick with her if you're a fan of the Nineties music scene and you love to travel. Read on, for some surprising reveals.....

What brought you to Canbury?

I like the fact that its a small school, I thought the staff were very friendly and there was loads of science equipment in the lab to do all kinds of experiments.

Apart from this one, what is your dream job?

I like working with animals, especially turtles, sometimes I go off in the summer holidays to do conservation work which I love.

You're on a zoom call to your boss - what is the one thing you would add, or remove, from your background?

I think I would make sure it's tidy and maybe open the curtains for a nice view.

Were you a banana bread baker in lockdown 1?

I didn't make banana bread but I did try and make bagels - they tasted nice but looked a bit weird!

Some of Miss Mountain's favourite things: bagels, Whitney Houston and turtles. Eclectic eh?!

What one positive will you take away from living through a world pandemic?

Try to make the best of any situation, think about the things you can do, not the things you can't.

You've been given just 15 mins in a bookshop - what section would you head straight for?


What one piece of advice would you give to your 14 year old self?

I would just remind myself how lucky I am growing up in Surrey, especially when I say things like 'its not fair!'

When lockdown eases, what would be your perfect holiday?

Something to do with partying and meeting lots of people.

Tell us a tip for learning, and remembering, the periodic table.

You don't need to remember the periodic table as such, you need to know how to use it. If you understand the patterns then its easy - this comes with practice!

What kind of music do you like?

I like any kind of pop music, especially cheesy stuff from the 90s.