The Dumb Leopard By: Lucas sasso

Thre was once a happy town of animals in the jungle where there was always an annual race. All the fastest animals signed up to run. The leopard was a local star because of his speed, but was very ignorant and a show-off. All the animals wanted to race the leopard and beat him.
At the beginning, the leopard was off to a great start, but the lion and the tiger were catching up with him. The leopard threw rocks at both of them and made them fall back a little. Since the race was in the jungle little animals, like the rabbit, were at a disadvantage .
The lion and the tiger finally caught up with the leopard near the finish line. In the last lap the leopard slowed his pace and started celebrating, the lion and the tiger, on the other hand accelerated and passed the leopard. By the time the leopard could react, the lion and the tiger had already crossed the finish line.
The lion and the tiger couldn't believe they had beat the leopard in a a race. Both, the lion and the tiger felt emboldened. Both of them had refreshments after the race. After that, the mayor awarded them their medals. The leopard got very mad and made an outcry, but nobody would put up with it.
The lion got so irritated, he stood in front of the leopard and gave him his gold, shiny, beautiful medal and said "it is not about winning, it is about reaching your goals and being successful." The leopard stood up, hugged the lion and said, "thank you, truely, thank you!" The leopard accepted his medal an,promised to train for next year's race.
Since then, the leopard didn't brag anymore and learned that it is not important to win, but you must have fun and do it correctly.
Created By
Lucas Sasso


Created with images by Pexels - "animal big cat leopard" • SSipple - "SharonSipple_20140622_6846" • Ruth and Dave - "Medal!"

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