Middle Colonies Lachlan b.

Slogan: Get rich, plant easy, here in the middle colonies.

Reason for Founding

One of the main reasons that the middle colonies were founded is, because of the trade routes. Also more land for England would be claimed, and a bunch of money could be made.

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In the middle colonies there are many harbors, rivers, and valleys. Here the summers are hotter and there are longer growing seasons. There are many natural resources including iron, copper, and big forests.

The Economy

The economy consists of mining, lumbermen, trappers, merchants, and copper and iron selling.


Philadelphia was one of the best English colonies for its time because of its advantages. Including it was the first place to invent a fire department, it had lamps on the streets at night so people felt safe from the fires and crimes. Also Philadelphia did not judge you by your religion they welcomed you in no matter what. Ben Franklin lived in Philadelphia and he invented many things there.

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