Michigan Performance Nutrition #MGoFuel

Monday Staff Meetings

Each week the Michigan performance nutrition staff gathers at Ray Fisher Stadium to discuss team updates, projects and presentations, the theme for the week, coordinating intern schedules, industry topics and the upcoming fueling schedule for Michigan student-athletes.

Fueling Stations

  • Michigan has 21 fueling stations around its athletic facilities
  • From January-April, 2015, Michigan went through 7,902 bananas, 8,232 single serve yogurts, 4,668 bagels, 3,758 packs of almonds, 2,910 apples, 1,284 gallons of chocolate milk and 12,844 energy/granola bars.
  • Michigan offers foods that promote pre-workout fueling and post-workout recovery. These items are strategically located within training facilities to provide student-athletes the right fuel at the right time.
  • Deliveries are made three days a week to assure freshness of perishable items while stations are restocked daily

A.M. Fueling

  • Breakfast items are "grab and go" and available to student-athletes Monday-Friday from 7-10 a.m.
  • On average 264 student-athletes are served daily
  • Michigan promotes a Leaders and Best breakfast that includes starches and grains (cereal, oatmeal, cereal bars, whole wheat bread, bagels); lean protein (milk, yogurt, cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, house-made breakfast sandwiches); fruit and fluid (apples, bananas, clementines, 100% juice)
  • Additional options are available for student-athletes with special dietary needs
  • In 2015-16, Michigan went through 10,424 bananas, 9,850 apples, 4,044 clementines, 2,962 cereal bars, 23,211 breakfast sandwiches, 14,279 Bozii's, 16,730 cereal containers, 32,364 half pints of milk, 16,968 containers of Chobani yogurt and 3,550 cases of peanut butter.
"Living off campus, the grab and go breakfast is something that I really take advantage of. There are so many options and it really helps me get through the morning and into practice in the early afternoon. The variety and amount of different fruits, breakfast sandwiches, bars and juice really makes a difference as I go straight from class to practice throughout the week." - Jillian Dunston, Women's Basketball

Dine With a Dietitian

  • Individual and team tours through campus dining halls can give student-athletes a guide to proper fueling
  • The M Healthy icon is a great tool for student-athletes to use when building their meals in the campus dining halls
  • Aim for at least three colors of produce a day to support training, recovery and for a strong immune system.
  • To create a healthy sandwich, choose whole grain breads and wraps, include lean protein and load with vegetables.
"Walking through the dining hall with one of our dietitians really helped me learn how to build a balanced plate for lunch as well as breakfast and dinner." - Christian Ford, Men's Lacrosse

Sodexo Performance Dining Meal Preparation

  • The Sodexo staff arrives around 5 a.m. and will have an average of six staff members per day preparing meals.
  • In a given week, the kitchen goes through 400-500 pounds of chicken, 240 pounds of fish, around 300 pounds of vegetables and 250 pounds of fruit.

Team Meals

  • The Michigan Performance Nutrition staff assists with menu planning for home and away competitions
  • During the week, performance dietitians offer individualized plate coaching to help each student-athlete meet their needs
  • Field hockey student-athlete Sina Lampe talks about having meals available to her team in season
  • Michigan Performance Dietitians also offer grocery store tours to help student-athletes navigate how to shop for nutrition on a budget
"Meals after participation are really great for student-athletes because we have a very busy schedule with classes, practice and studying. It is hard to find time to go to the grocery store and cook meals. These meals make it easy to get the nutrition we need, eat quick with your teammates and then get on with your night. It is a great tool for student-athletes at Michigan." - Claire Kieffer-Wright, Volleyball/Track & Field

Team Education

  • When meeting with teams, Michigan covers a wide range of topics, including pre and post training nutrition, hydration, menu planning, healthy snacks, sleep & recovery and dispelling sports nutrition myths
  • Meetings with teams can range from weekly discussions to special requests for "quick-hitters" that highlight sport-specific fueling strategies

Individual Consultations

  • Top reasons why athletes meet individually with the Michigan performance dietitians include: fatigue prevention; supplement evaluation; how to gain weight as muscle or get lean, how to navigate the dining hall, transitioning to off-campus living, how to improve recovery, guidance for proper energy intake related to food allergies or other medical needs, among other specific questions
  • Athletes self-refer or are referred to the performance dietitians by members of the performance team.
  • Student-athletes can also get body composition assessment to set personalized goals and track changes over time.

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