Real Life Doll By: Consuelo Witrago

Nowadays the "ideal body" is to be skinny, tall, big butt, big lips and small waist. The Kardashians and The Victoria Secret Show models have been portraying young woman.

We live in a time where having an ideal body is perfect. The Kardashians and The Victoria Secret fashion show have portrayed young woman on thinking that they should look like that. The woman with "imperfect" body want a body like theirs. So their outfits look nice on them with a "perfect body", and feel beautiful. Young woman usually see the same images over and over again that they start feeling insecure of their own body because it is not "perfect".

Believing to have an "ideal body" is usually in younger adulthood ages 13-20. Teens have the idea in their mind of having this "perfect body" like the Kardashians and the Victoria secret models is what makes them beautiful and perfect. They start to eat less thinking it will help them with losing weight but reality it only destroys their health.

The fantasy young woman and teens live in is about having "ideal body" is having them feel insecure. The world is not always about looks. Embrace and be happy with what you have.

In conclusion the Victoria Secret and the Kardashians make woman and teens who watch it feel as if they're not pretty. That an outfit will not look as good on them. Be happy with your body, there is not a "perfect body".


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