Kranji War Cemetery Their name liveth for evermore

Kranji War Cemetery, located in the north of Singapore, houses the graves of those who lost their lives fighting in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam primarily during the Second World War. Memorials were built on this ground to commemorate the Commonwealth Forces who fought hard to protect our heartland against invasion.

I spent a morning visiting this place. The moment I stepped into the cemetery, I felt very peaceful. The surrounding was very quiet, and the whole cemetery was very well maintained.

The Kranji War Cemetery housed over 4,500 Commonwealth burials. Along with the graves, it is also home to the Singapore Memorial, which bears the names of over 24,000 casualties of the Commonwealth land and air forces died during the Second World War but have no known grave.

I was born way after the Second World War ended. To be honest, I have very vague idea and perception on what is war and what our ancestors had actually went through. Most of the information I received were from text book or pictures shared in the museum.

Sometimes I do heard stories from the old folks who spoke about the old days when the Japanese invaded our land and how they survived through it. I guess even so, it's still hard for me to imagine the real thing happening in front of my eyes. Perhaps we have been pampered with peace since we were born and we have taken things for granted.

Occasionally, there will be people dropping by at the cemetery and memorial to pay their tributes or to express their grieve. My heart felt a little warmer seeing this because they were not forgotten, even after all these years.

Though visiting here merely provides me with more pieces of the puzzle to the greater picture of what had happened in the past, but still, I feel grateful to those who sacrificed their lives in the war in exchange for peace for the rest of us. Thank you for everything. I'll continue to learn more about this piece of the history, and I'll appreciate it more day after day. May all the brave souls rest in peace.

They died for all free men.

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