Do you want to learn about 3 unique planets in space? then read on and find out what they are.

Venus has no moons!


When you hear the name Venus, you might think of the Roman goddess of beauty and love. The planet Venus is named after the Roman goddess. Did you know Venus is the 6th largest planet? Also Venus‘ air pressure is 90 times greater than Earth. The most interesting fact about Venus is, that it is the hottest planet because, Venus’ atmosphere traps heat from the sun.

Mars is the 7th largest planet.


Mars is another planet in the solar system. The atmosphere on Mars has 2 small moons. The moons are Phobos and Deimos. Did you know that Mars is made out of rock. It’s core, which is the inside, is made of solid iron. It takes 24 hours and 37 minutes for Mars to spin one rotation around the sun. It takes 687 Earth days for Mars to travel around the sun. Mars has the same seasons like Earth does. The seasons on Mars last for about 6 Earth months.

This is Jupiter


Jupiter is the largest of all the planets. Around Jupiter there are 63 moons, 3 rings, and you can not see the rings. The rings are made of rock. Did you know it takes 11 years and 12 months to travel around the sun. Did you know that Jupiter’s core is made of rock. The actual planet is made of gases and ice. The most interesting fact about Jupiter is about the Great Red Spot. This is the biggest storm in the galaxy. You can fit 3 Earths in the Great Red Spot.

Remember venus is the hottest planet in the solar system.


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