13th Sunday After Pentecost August 30th, 2020

These are the lessons of the Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost. Our readings from the Old Testament and Psalm speak of the call of Moses. The New Testament readings from the epistle and gospel speak to our calling by giving the marks of the true Christian and setting forth the perfect example given by our Savior.

May the power of the Holy Spirit produce in our lives fruits worthy of our calling.

A Reading from the Old TEstament

A Reading from the Psalms

A Reading from the Epistles

A Reading from the Gospel

A Prayer

In the flaming bush you promised deliverance to your people, O God, and in the cross of Jesus you took upon yourself our suffering and pain. In times of misery, show us the transforming power of your love and set our minds on divine things that we may find true life in your glory. Amen.