Emily A Letter to My 15-year-old Self

Dear 15-year-old Emily,

​You may not see it now, but your path is completely different from those around you, and its OK. Everyone’s path is different, which is why it is so important to not let comparison dominate your thoughts. Having a different path is what makes you unique.

Every “No” you receive makes you stronger and more prepared for the future. Sometime during your junior year of high school, you will receive your first ever NYCDA Outstanding dancer. Senior year you will finally be noticed at every convention. But guess what…. That’s not going to be the first thing you remember when you look back at your time at Artistic Fusion. You won’t remember what dances you made, what conventions you got those scholarships at, or even the Outstanding Dancer dance at nationals. You won’t remember the class you didn’t called out in, or the time you didn’t get the scholarship when you deserved it.

What you will remember is your team. You will remember how each of them is your very best friend and how they make all of the heartaches that the dance world brings, easier. You will remember that leaving them is truly the hardest thing dance has ever brought you. You will remember your mentors. How you continue to live by their advice and wisdom. You will remember coming into the studio on Saturday mornings prepared to spend a whole day with your teammates. You will remember staying up for ungodly hours rhinestoning “ribs” on a costume. You will remember coming off stage with your teammates after nailing a routine and how good it feels to celebrate with your best friends. So enjoy it. This time is impossible to get back. Its so important to stay in the moment, but also to see the bigger picture. Nothing great comes in short period of time. Hard work will ALWAYS pay off.

Always remember your strength. Doubt and excuses are the easy way out. You are loved and worthy of self love. It’s so easy to get caught up in comparison and judgment. This isn’t the time to be down on yourself or hold on to jealousy and envy. Use critiques to your advantage. Let them mold you and shape you. Continue to be true to yourself and your team. Every time you get discouraged, come to dance and figure it out. Observe, work for what you want, and believe you are unstoppable. Whatever you do, do not give up.

Love always, 20-year-old Emily

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