Knock And it shall be opened

Doors are made to keep the riff raff out and those who are family inside, safe and warm..

Life is full of tunnels, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. But there is the tunnel.

Then there are the doors, both those that are inviting and those that are not inviting.

Some doors you knock on, some you lean on, and others you call through asking if there is anyone inside who wants to come out and play.

And when your friend says come in or I'm coming right out, you boldly press through or patiently wait. All of life is like that. But before you knock it is best to know what resides behind that door.

At death we face a door, the door of the unknown. I'd suggest you take up the name of Jesus today, become His friend, know His voice so when you knock at death's door or call to the one behind it you can recognize the voice and scat if it's the wrong house.

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