Exploring technology By: ZJ Jelinek

This is the tower unit. We had to work in groups to measure cut and glew wood to make tower below is an image of my tower

The next image is a paint brush becuase one of are projects was color kitchen were we got an ordanary kitchen in sketch up and then we put colors in it

Are first project was measuring in this unit we measured objects to see how big they were

The next unit we did were turbines. we had to build these turbines and see if they would work. to see that we used a fan.

In the engineering go for it project was a project that we had to search up a subject a research it.

The billion in change video was the 5 hour energy creator. he wants to help the world.

We had the shape project, he had to put shapes together. It was hard

That's all

That's all


Created with images by bbAAER - "raspberry computer board" • flakeparadigm - "Paint Brush" • arielrobin - "measure yardstick tape" • didierclichy - "Ensembles" • Wokandapix - "blueprint ruler architecture" • JeepersMedia - "5-Hour Energy Drink" • bennylin0724 - "Dead End - close up"

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