Town of Little Suamico

Town of Little Suamico

5964-A County Rd S

Sobieski, WI 54171


  • Elmer Ragen reported it was a slow time of year with no new development.
  • Tom Bank reported there was one mabas call
  • Town board wants Nikki to check with oconto county zoning about how duck waste should be disposed of and the steps to recall a permit that has already been issued
  • Brian Braun said that he was the new sales reprsentative with Fahrner asphalt for this area
  • Motion for approval of paying bills was passed: Our government is handling the issue very well because it shows that they are being active in passing motions and also staying on top of getting the bills signed. I agree with how they are handling the issue because it shows that we do not have a government that does not do anything, but instead they work to pass motions and makes sure that they do not fall behind in the process of paying what they owe. My solution to this issue is to make sure that they stay active in passing these motions in order to be a government that is active and keeps up with the issues that become present. I also think that they are not falling behind in the process of paying bills and that they should stay active in doing this to not fall behind.

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