App JOurnal By Alberto Frese

Lesson 1

Apps are a everyday tool we have on our smart phones and computers. Apps are designed to resolve issues that the customer may be facing or to bring commodity to common things. An example would be an app that is a dictionary.

Facebook: It informs you about your friends activities and how they are.

Instagram: It lets you share and edit photos in an easy manner.

Snapchat: It lets you send small messages to friends that they cant keep

Twitter: It lets you send a small messege that many people can see and spread.

Apps that make your life easier:

Facebook: Communicate and keep in contact with friends

Twitter: Learn about what other people think in under 144 characters.

Pons: It´s a great dictionary that helps you understand a language

Duolingo: Its´s really good in helping you learn a language.

Google maps: It helps you find a place in the map and how to get there.

Top 10 easy to use apps (for me):

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Snapchat

4. Spotify

5. Whatsapp

6. Youtube

7. Skype

8. Instagram

9. Pokemon GO

10. Psp emulator

Lesson 2: App ideas

  • Ideas maker
  • An app to help you organize your time
  • Conversation ideas. Questions you can use to conversate with people
  • Paradox maker. For when you want something to think and discuss about.
  • An app that helps you find stuff near you. For example, if you want to find an arcade machine near you just search its name and you can find it

Lesson 3:

Who´s my audience?

  • Tayashui sketches: An app which helps artists make beutiful drawings with the best tools. The audience are mainly artists. (People who make drawings)
  • SecGuard: An app which you can use to easily back up your photos into the cloud. (The audience is everyone who likes to back up things)
  • Spending Tracker: An app which helps you keep track of your money so you can save more. (People who want to save money)
  • Spotify: An app that streams top quality music to its users. (People who listen to music)
  • Mercado Libre: An app that helps you buy and sell products. (Anyone looking to sell or buy a product)
  • Popular Science: Is an app that publishes articles about recent science news. (Avid science readers)
  • Is an app that brings you the latest news about soccer. (Soccer fans)
  • Kindle: An app where you can buy and download books. (People who enjoy reading online)
  • QUOTES: An app which helps you find the perfect quote you are looking for. (Students or people looking for insporation)
  • Medscape: Is an app which provides medical information to users. (People looking for medical information)
  • Facelift: An app that lets you easily change your facial characteristics. (People who may be looking to see if they should do a plastic surgery)

Lesson 4

  1. Whatsapp: It´s down oto the point. It´s very simple and easy to use for newcomers.
  2. Twitter: It tells you were to write, who you should follow and the tweets are right in the front page.
  3. Youtube: You just have to search for what you want to look in the search box, and it has multiple tabs that show you things you may like.
  4. Facebook: It shows you the messages, notifications and friend requests in the top left. The main thing of the page is your wall which will be filled up with activities from friends or pages you follow.
  5. Spotify: You search for the album, song or playlist and you can listen to it. No complications, with a hub that tells you what are you listening to.
  6. Instagram: It´s kind of confussing to start up, but after that it´s pretty easy to follow the people of interest you have.
  7. Snapchat: It takes time to adapt, but the hub is pretty clear. It has the notifications in new history, snaps send to you and the camara with the ability to use multiple filters.
  8. Skype: It´s kind of difficult to start up and look for the people. The main hub is just your favorite callers in the left, ads on the top right and the status of your friends in the bottom right.
  9. Pokemon GO: The hub shows your team, your character looks and your level. It´s mainly the map used with your character there. Since the map is pretty basic it´s easy to get confused by it.
  10. Psp Emulator: Since it´s a not so common app. The hud is pretty basic with no details, Just a list of games that you are able to play.

Lesson 5 Problem Hunters

An app to help you organize your time

Conversation ideas. Questions you can use to conversate with people

Paradox maker. For when you want something to think and discuss about.

An app that helps you find stuff near you. For example, if you want to find an arcade machine near you just search its name and you can find it

I consider this is the standout idea from the 4 ideas during the brainstorm. It solves the problem of not knowing where to go when you hangout. Maybe you are sick of the same things near you so you look for something different near you. Maybe an arcade or a Paintball place. My app would probably be able to outdo any other similar apps near monterrey since it will be updated every single day and have a gps built-in.

Lesson 6: Ideas seeking solutions

App name: Freseiro

Problem: Finding someone who looks like you, finding new people who seem interesting

My app will find someone who looks like you. If he is very similar to you in looks you may find him interesting and want to engage in a conversation to know more about him. Works both ways.

Because there are multiple people who enjoy finding people that look strangely similar to them in appearance. Also some directors may use it to find doubles for their actors in low-budget movies.

Lesson 7: Feature smashing

  • We can use the camera to take photos and send use them to identify stranger twins
  • We can get a section that the users may use to find people in their city that look like them with the GPS.
  • We can use the touchscreen to take a sample of the user´s fingerprint and find someone with a similar finger print as them.

Lesson 8: Idea Storm.... Again

  • Have a camara that can take photos of you and instantly tell you what face features you have
  • Have a gps that locates how far away you are from your doppelganger
  • Look in ads to see if you look like any one in there (photos)
  • When you walk your phone learns the way you move and takes this into consideration when searching for your doppelganger.

Lesson 9:

I could not find any app that resembles my idea.... sry

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