A Great Adventure! Writen by:Holly Johnson

This is Mallory she is about to have the greatest adventure in her life.Here's how it started!

One day a little water droplet named Mallory woke up from a long nap and said "Hello, is anyone here?"But no one answered."Where did everyone go?"asked Mallory.Then all of a sudden she started floating, she was evaporating .Then she saw something in the sky.They were clouds.

She floated all the way into the clouds and thought "Eww these clouds are sticky."That's when she noticed the clouds were made of mint marshmallows!All of a sudden, she started falling and she was starting to precipitate.Suddenly, she fell into a big body of water (the ocean) and there she met her new friends!But she didn't stay long because she was evaporating. Mallory quickly said goodbye and hoped to see her new friends soon.🙂😕

She saw the glorious clouds again and smiled, she was glad to be in the clouds!Sadly, she started precipitating but this time she fell in a little river.Everyone looked happy to be in the water but not Mallory.She wanted to have an adventure.She didn't though.She was in the river for two long years.After those two long years something happened she was inside an animal.The animal must have drank the water she was in.

After a little nap that she took she noticed that she was in the soil.She didn't want to be in the soil that's where she started this adventure.Then she thought "maybe I can start a new adventure."Mallory was so happy to start a new adventure!!!And then She got sucked up into a plant (transpiration) and stayed there for a little while.And one day during her thinking she started (evaporating) She was really happy 😊!!But then she heard a big BOOM.She looked up she was about to go into a thunderstorm.The clouds were as big as a giant elephant.

"AHHHHHHH HELP ME,screamed Mallory!?.When she finally got to the clouds she heard yelling.It was the cloud she was yelling at her guards.Aparently the guards let in a comeplete stranger.She was so made she started sweating which made Mallory precipite.Mallory was happy to get out of that!She fell in the ocean again and saw her friends not all of them,not two of them but one.Mallory said,"where did everyone go?""They evaporated" said the little water droplet.Mallory was very sad she would not see her friends again.And the next year Mallory's one friend evaporated.Mallory got very lonely and for three years she wished and hoped to see her friends again.And one year when she lost hope she evaporated.Mallory was so happy to see those mint clouds again.It felt like she was in hevean she loved it.But soon she precipitated.

And this time she fell in a lake.And the most wonderful thing happened,she found all of her friends again!Mallory was 😁!Then an animal came along and drank the water she and her friends were in.Mallory looked around for her friends and found out that all of them were with her!She and her friends were stored in the animal for two years together but one day they were gone.🙁Because she had evaporated into the clouds.She really missed her friends but at lest she was with her cloud friend!🙂🙁. But that didn't last long because she fell back to the earth in the soil were both her adventures started.She started to transpire and she was in the plants she looked very sad but it turned into a smile when she saw all of her friends together with her! "Hey Mallory" said the littlest water droplet."Glad you could make it.""I'm just glad to see all of you again,"Mallory said.And that was just the beginning of Mallorys adventure with all her friends!!The end!!

Created By
Holly Johnson


Created with images by vargazs - "soil mud crack"

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