Salvador Dali Cameron littell B

Born may 11 1904

Died January 23 1989

Figueres, Spain

He was married to Gala Dali

He learned art from famous artists of his time

His full name was Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí y Domenech

He had a strict father

His son was very smart

He was know for being in the Surrealist movement

It was the art style of mostly words and objects being changed

This is my favorite art from him Percistance of Mermory

The example of line is the edge

The cube in the corner is a example of shape

The corner is a good example of different used colors

The use of shadows is a good example of value

This is the a example of good spacing

I think this picture is saying time is always changing

This makes me feel distorted, like everything is backwards

The clocks are my favorite because of the detail


Created with images by pedrosimoes7 - "La cohorte invincible (1928) - Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978)" • Denis Bocquet - "I don't do drugs, I am drugs -Dali"

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