Prep Tips Angela blake boudoir

Address & Phone

ADDRESS 1252 S. China Berry Ln. Fayetteville, AR

Please know that the numbers on my street make zero sense. GPS will get you here though! There will be an orange Hyundai Tucson in the driveway. It looks like a big pumpkin, you can't miss it!

479-353-4610 My phone is around most of the time so if you need to call or text feel free!

Your session will be at my in-home studio space. This is where I shoot 95% of my sessions! Please don't feel like you have to arrive super early for your session. Typically, my makeup artist arrives 15 minutes early and needs to set up before you arrive!


Please bring 3-4 outfits that work well for your body! I always suggest at least one casual outfit, like a t-shirt and panty. Then one lingerie set and one bra and panty set! If you have any questions, please let me know!

Hair & Makeup

Please arrive with clean, dry hair and a product free face!

More Things!

*Make sure your outfits fit well. If you bought new items make sure to try them on prior to your session.

*Remove tags from those new items! And remove the little size tag inside if it’s something sheer or lace.

*Remember nails and toenails are in the photo too. Clean em off or make em look lovely! Try not to have super bright colors. Reds, pinks, and french tip look really well.

*Be sure to shave the night before so you don’t have any little bumps.

*Stretch before you come. Sounds silly but I might be makin ya do some crazy things!

*Don’t drink alcohol the night before It will make you dehydrated. And grumpy.

*Wear loose fitting clothes so you don’t have indention lines in your skin. These take forever to go away. So be comfy. (This includes a bra!!) I recommend no tight fitting clothes 2 hours prior to your session.

*Practice! Spend a little while trying out poses in the mirror. Also make faces in the mirror! I promise knowing what your face will do makes you feel so much better when I ask you to do things. Just a few minutes each day will do wonders!

*If you drink prior to your session. Only have two. Alcohol makes our skin flush and you'll look a little red! So while its fine to loosen up some, but be easy on it!

*Bring a pair of black heels if you have them. And any other neat heels or boots you might have. I will also have a variety of heels available for you to use! So don't stress if you don't have any!

Mostly, relax. This is going to be a lot of fun!!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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