10 months

ten amazing months with you <3

alright get comfortable baby, this one will be long. i remember like it was yesterday, the day you asked me to be yours. i'll never forget that day, it changed my life from negative into such a more positive life. thank you for making me realize that i'm beautiful just the way i am, i've never felt so confident about myself before and its all because of you. you always remind me that i'm perfect, gorgeous, etc. i know i never accept them but they make my days brighter, you treat me like i'm seriously everything. i know how i deserve to be treated, i know i'm supposed to be respected and cared about, i never really thought i did before you walked into my life. you honestly changed how i saw life, myself and my mistakes, i'm really excited to spend my life knowing you're here because you do give me really good advice, i love when you try to help me and you really do. you've made me a stronger person even though you think i've always been so strong for what i've been through and i guess meh kind of. when i'm going through something, i know it'll be okay soon and it'll pass with you here. (even if i argue that it won't at times) you give me so much hope in life, thank you. i've never been with anyone that makes me have a reason to get up in the morning and like actually want to get up, or someone that makes me believe i'm capable of anything in life. you give my life so much light honestly, you're such a blessing. thank you for brightening my soul with your beautiful personality and addictive laugh, you're all i need in life to be happy.

sometimes i wonder how i got so lucky to call you my boyfriend. you're everything i could ever ask for and i couldn't ask for better. you give me the best, treat me the best and you're just by far the greatest boyfriend in the world. you are such an incredible, inspiring person to me. you're smart, funny and really caring, you have no flaws to me honestly. i really do adore everything about you. your smile is probably the most gorgeous thing i have ever seen, literally your smile makes me so happy. its so adorable when you laugh and i see your dimples and smile, you look so happy and its honestly the best thing. your body is flawless, even if you say you wish it was different or that you're fat WHICH you aren't so shut up(: i can't wait to finally see you in person, i'll honestly pull you closer and kiss you deeply everytime we kiss, ill hug you and wrap my legs around your waist. i'm always going to hold your hand and touch you ( dont even ). i'll wait as long as i need to until we can finally see each other, i'll actually be patient because it's so worth the wait to be able to hold the most beautiful person i know. i can't wait to finally see you in person, i always dream about it and think about it, it's really nice to think about. i catch myself thinking about it at random times too like in class or when im driving somewhere. fuck, you're always on my mind.

i love you, i never want this to end. i want to grow old with you, i want to argue with you and giggle over how stupid it was instead of fighting. i want to steal your chocolate and eat it before you steal it back, giggling happily as you pout ( LIKE UR FACEBOOK PICTURE ) . i want to be silly and stupid with you, i want to grow our kids up strong and bold like you are. i want everything, with only my baby. I've already enjoyed and cherished every moment spent with you so far and i can't wait for more memories to be made like our wedding, our first baby and just fuck everything. i love laughing everyday with you and at night, thinking about you being here and smiling like crazy to the point my cheeks hurt and i giggle uncontrollably. i fell in love with how you treat me, how you smile for me and how i know you're going to stay. i fell in love with you because you're just yourself. i really love listening to your snores and your sleepy, adorable as hell voice. i love listening to you all the time, your voice is my favourite thing to listen to. you are my true happiness, and i appreciate you so much. thank you, for being the one i want for the rest of my time alive. thank you for letting me love you. forever, my angel

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