Vultures bY KELSEY

The vulture is a bird that is found in the desert. It can be a variety of colors. They are very colorful. Their range of height is 25 inches to 53 inches. They can weigh up to 12 kilograms. They have very long necks and have no feathers on their head or neck. Some of their family members are the Turkey Vulture, the King Vulture, and the Black Vulture.

the King Vulture

The vulture is a carnivore who only eats meat. They eat any dead animal they can find. An unusual eating habit they have is they watch for animals to die.

New world vultures live in the rain forest. Old world vultures live in grasslands and deserts. Vultures need somewhere with dead animals and pools of water where they drink and bathe. Vultures live in nests, caves, brush, and trees. Vultures might live with a group of other vultures or a mate.

Vulture nests

Some adaptations a vulture can have is a good sense of smell. They also have long wings because it helps them glide for a long time and makes them fly faster. A vulture has no enemies. Most animals do not want to eat them.

a Vulture gliding

Some interesting facts about the vulture are a vulture can go one week without eating and still stay healthy. Vultures don’t flap their wings because it wastes energy, so they glide. In Germany, the police train vultures to find missing people.

a flying Vulture

The vulture is an amazing animal. It is an important part of our world.

a baby Vulture


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