I want to become stronger so I don't look scroungy, become a state champion for wrestling so i can get scholarships,create a video game so I can be accepted into unity or any gaming company,fix my car so I can finally drive it.
I want to earn my advanced high school diploma so I can get a well paying job, be graduated from boot camp at the marines so I can serve my country, I want to have an infantry of weapons so I can improve on my shooting skills and protect my family and country, last but not least I want to learn how to another foreign language so I can get a better chance of getting a job.
In the next 5 years I want to live on a beach on an island so I can have peace and silence away from the city, also I want to work for the Scottsdale gun club because I want to have a side arm and be trusted with the united states, I also want to graduate higher than a private so I can get higher holiday pay and more time of drills, I want to be the best of the best sharpshooter in the United States Marine Court so I can help out the troops in Afghanistan that are fighting for our country.
10 years later I want to be married to a happy wife and have children , I want to also want to be paid playing video games, I want to have a black belt in jujitsu, also know how to fight like UFC fighters
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Manvel Tkach


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