A Spell of Kona Weather Brochure Isaiah castro

Scene 1

This picture I chose represents when the doctor was taking off Lulu's bandages. As the doctor removes her bandages, the grandmother had been shocked with her appearance. The doctor said " lucky nothing was broken, just give it time." But lulu's grandma drops to her feet and says that she can't be fixed because she's already too broken. Annie and her grandma had a talk about her and the grandma was being really mean. When Annie asked her a question about what she thinks is wrong with lulu, their grandma refers the situation as to being a stranger and thinking that that's her granddaughter.

Scene 2

This picture represents the part in A spell of Kona weather, where their grandmother tells the girls about where their mother is and what happened to her. After their father had passed away their mother had gone crazy. She then took all the money and left to California. Lulu and Annie thought differently. Annie already knew what once her mother left she was not coming back, and lulu thought that her mother was only going there to find a better life and then come back for the girls. Grandma says that after their mother went crazy out in California, she ended up going to a mental hospital. Then she told the girls that they shocked her brain with electricity and hasn't been doing much letter writing. Annie becomes confused and gets angry , then throws her soda to grandma.

Vacation 🌴🌊☀️

Hey you there! Come on down to Kona Hawaii. We have got lots of fun and amazing activities to do here. Our population here in Kona is close to about 200,000 people. In Kona we have very lovely beaches, historical sights and landmarks of our ancestors, volcano tours, and more. I would highly recommend that you try our zipping at Akaka falls. Just imagine you in this beautiful place of Kona Hawaii there is so much to explore so get down here as fast as you can. If you want to enjoy your vacation come to Kona Hawaii and enjoy your stay.

In this photo as you can see there is a zip line. This zip line is located in Kona Hawaii Akaka falls. Just imagine going down the falls on a zip line with the mist of water running through your face. This ride gives you such a chill thrill. You would hate to miss out on this event because it's such an adrenaline rush. Also if you get hungry don't forget to stop by Jackie Rey's Ohana grill. They've got some good chow! We serve Hawaiian style dishes and grant all your hungered wishes!!!


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