Patrick Carter State university regent district 6

Higher education in Nevada should be first and foremost about the students. Nevada residents deserve the ability to learn skills at Nevada institutions that match the current jobs in our state. Just as importantly, higher education needs to provide skills that are also potential growth areas for our economy. We should make our students the focus of the higher education system. Everything else should be aligned to best service them.

About Me

I am originally from Paducah, Kentucky, and have also lived in Missouri and Florida. Nine years ago I moved to Nevada, where my wife and I started our life together. As far as my education and professional experience is concerned, I studied communication at Southeast Missouri State University. After completing my bachelor’s, I earned a master’s degree from Florida State University. While at FSU I co-taught an undergraduate media production class. When a job relocated me back to Missouri, I reconnected with my former college and professors. They encouraged me to teach a class. My first course I was assigned was at a remote education center intended for high school students to earn college credit. Since then I have taught as an adjunct faculty member online, as well as on campus for several different institutions. I have worked for about four years as a full time faculty member and, for the last several years, have worked as a Program Chair at a private college.

My Doctoral Graduation With My Boys.

Why are you running?

I have two 6-year-old boys and want to make sure the colleges in Nevada are in good shape for them to have multiple choices in the state for their field of study. I want to make sure that our higher education system matches Nevada’s employer needs and the needs of businesses that might want to relocate to Nevada.

Why are you best for the position?

Education is my calling. I love learning and I love teaching. I have degrees in communication, marketing, business and doctoral studies in higher education. I have professional experience in media, communication, and marketing. I have worked in higher education (both as an instructor and administrator). I have more experience teaching and working with students in higher education than my opponent. I live it and breathe it every day. I am dedicated to providing more effective oversight to higher education in Nevada than my opponent.

At Kindergarten Graduation With My Boys.

Nevada Primary

I led the primary election beating the field of candidates including incumbent Wixom by 6% of the vote.
“Thrifty Candidate Prize”

I have successfully been able to run my campaign with $0 sought or spent. Fiscal responsibility is necessary. If you want to help higher education in the state of Nevada – donate your money to an educational foundation or use your money to endow a scholarship that helps students.

I was given the name by the Review Journal. You can read the article at

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