Eliot Porter By: Sophia whitman

Eliot Furness Porter was born December 6, 1901, and died November 2, 1990.
Eliot Porter specializes in Color Landscape and Bird photography
Inspired by nature, Eliot Porter uses depth of field to capture its true beauty.
Eliot Porter was self employed. Therefore, he followed his passion of photographing exquisite birds and the wonders of nature.
Eliot Porter used a tripod-mounted camera. This particular camera was equipped with two strobe lamps that were synchronized to the shutter. Therefore, his photos came out crystal clear, especially when he photographed birds.
Eliot Porter typically took his pictures in a well lit area. This added to the relaxing tone found in all of his photography.
In 1954, Eliot Porter met Ansel Adams, who fell in love with Porter's first attempts at landscape and bird photography. Adams inspired Porter to continue to capture the simplicity of nature's beauty.
I chose Eliot Porter because of his unique way of expressing nature's true beauty. It seemed as though he was able to take you to the gorgeous places through his photography.
Fun Fact: Eliot Porter attended Medical School at Harvard University before pursing his love of photography.

Examples of Eliot Porter's Photography

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