rhythm and resistance by:Anya KENNARD


Resisting means to push back, and resisting is important key because shows that you're fighting for what you believe in. Poetry help you resist not having a voice because when you write poetry then you're able to create a voice and can have an opinion.This unit were working on is called Rhythm and Resistance because and shows how to resist certain by poetry and rhyming. I wrote the poems because expressed who I am in my opinion and helped me resist not having a voice each of my poems give me or a group of people a voice.


I may not be a size be a size 2 but i love who Iam

I love every curve and imperfections

Yea I may not fit the strands of a runway model but boys love everything about em

I wear my curves like a new pair of sneakers

Yea my curves my come with a few harsh words but I push pass them like a 400 pound tractor

Yea my curves come with stares but I just tell em take a picture It’ll last longer

Curves curves I love everything about curves

curves always be you don't change for anybody

Coming Out

I like men

I like men

I’ve been gay all my life

I’ve been gay all my life

Every ones know i'm gay

Know one knows i'm gay

People talk about me being gay everyday but I dont care im still happy

I'm scared that people will talk about me everyday

Im proud to be gay

Im terrified to be gay

Black Women’s Joy

Ernie Barnes "Room Full'a Sistahs"

See us black as half carmel half blacker than a berry, but we all sweeter than a cherry. Yea we got curves for days, the one all the boys curve with our curves we control em like a slave. All of em want to be our baes they never thought they would see a group of black women so happy. Living life, the white women hate us, even though we go through so much, we still manage to smile and never let anything get us down.

Created By
A'nya Kennard


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