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Stephine lives with her mother Trish and her soon to be step dad Greg. Recently two girls have gone missing and have turned up dead. Steph thinks it will never happen to her. When she is walking home at night a man comes behind her and drugs her and kidnaps her. She wakes up in an abandon cabin with her arms and legs tied. No one else is in the cabin with her and she uses her skills to escape just to find out that she is in the middle of no where in the forest. She goes back into the cabin and gets some supplies that are sitting around and heads into the forest. Her grandfather was very intelligent when it came to the woods so she uses what he told her to help her. She used the sun as her compass to lead her to a glowing far in the distance. One the second day she realizes she needs water she can survive longer without food. She collects water from the dew on the grass. She than eats bark off of a tree. One of the obstacles were that when she was walking her leg fell in a crevasse and she twisted her ankle instead of giving up she continues even though she is in tons of pain. Then the next day she wakes up with the sound of gunshots and a hunter is close and spotted her. She tells him how she was kidnapped and they call the police once they get back to his house. Once she gets home her family is over joyed and grateful for her return. later however the police question Greg about his where about and something just doesn't add up. They get a DNA testing and it turns out his DNA is on the necklace that Steph took during the abduction. He confesses to everything and goes to jail.

Cabin that could of been similar to the one in the novel.

Main Characters

  • One of the main characters are Stephanie. She is a teenager who currently lives with her mom Trish and her moms boyfriend Greg. She doesn't like Greg and thinks he is a jerk. She has a best friend named Alison. There was not much on her appearance in the novel.
  • The second main character is Greg. He is son to be Steph's step dad and he is also a serial killer. Steph describes him as being a "d**k". He is not very smart. He was born and raised in a small town and does not like cities.


  • When Steph twists her ankle she tries to keep moving and trying to walk. She struggles a lot to deal with the pain. The author writes," You have two choices, Steph. always the same two choices. Give up or go on"(McClintock 100). This quote explains how she tries so desperately to come out of the forest alive. And she refuses to give up. She most keep moving to survive.
  • When Steph had escaped the Cabin and was just got into the forest. She looked around for any signs or light to help get her back to civilization. She did not see anything when she looked. Steph thinks, " It felt good to be away from the shack"(McClintock 32). This quote shows that Steph being very positive even though she is in a very scary and dangerous situation. In all of the negatives of her situation she picked out one of the positives and I think that is what helped her get out of the forest.


The theme of this novel is that with positive thinking and motivation you can get out of any situation. Instead of staying in the cabin and thinking that she is going to die and no one will know where she is the first thing she thought of was getting out. Also, she was motivated to get water from the very beginning she knew that is what she needed so she wanted to find it right away. Last, when she twisted her ankle the first thing she thought of was to keep moving and she needed to keep walking. That shows that she used positivity and motivation to get out of her situation and in any situation if you think positive and are motivated you will be able to get out of the situation.

Author Background

Norah McClintock was born and raised in Pointe Claire, Quebec. She graduated from Mcgill university. She always loved to read she frequently was at public libraries she firmly believes in them. She wanted to be a writer from a very young age she knew she wanted to do it when she got older. She has written about sixty well written books. She enjoys and is good at young-adult crime fiction books. http://www.norahmcclintock.com/about.html

Smiley-face Tricks


The author writes, "The long grass looked like tiny diamonds"(McClintock 57).

Repetition for Effect

The author writes," panic makes you think of all the things that could happen. A grizzly bear could attack you . you could starve to death. you could die of thirst. you could stay lost forever"( McClintock 51).


https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/norah-mcclintock-2/my-life-before-me/ This is a summery of another book that Norah McClintock wrote recently.

http://www.norahmcclintock.com/index.html Some more books that Norah wrote

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