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The task was create three or more images using Photoshop based on lyrics that create imagery. I used the song "Control by Halsey". when I listen to the song, the lyrics create imagery in my head of you fighting for control with yourself on the other side of the mirror, or your darker side.

These are my chosen lyrics
" I turned all the mirrors around "

The idea behind the picture is that by looking into a mirror you can see your darker side, fearing that they will come for you and take control , you turned all the mirrors around. Behind each mirror there is the same person as in the middle but you can not see their faces because only the person who is in control has a face signifying their the true controller. Filled with so much fear the force pushes them away, for just enough time to run as far as possible.


This first picture is actually made up of seven pictures of the same spot but the girl is standing in different places . The first thing I did was put the first picture which was the girl in the middle, the main background I didn't really do anything to that picture. So then I put the next picture which was the left middle one. I used the quick select tool and selected the background and trees around the girl holding the mirror and once done, I deleted the background and placed the girl where I wanted. I did the same for all expect the on in the middle right. all I had to do was to crop the photo a small bit then place it in the correct area so that the trees and grass would line up perfectly. Then lastly I made a new layer and put a color lookup to make the image look darker.

" Who is in control "

This idea also came from the mirror idea, in this picture the girl is looking into a mirror and seeing her darker side suppressing her for control, at this point she is questioning who is actually taking control of her life? The negative thoughts that creep up from time to time or the urge to keep fighting on to the end no matter what.


This picture is made up of two photos, one of a scared expression and one of a evilly grinning one. First I put the scared photo in as the main and background photo. Then I put the evil photo in and I used the quick select tool to select every thing but the girl. Once done I deleted the background after rasterizing it. I had to smug some of the curtains using the smug tool to make the transition between both photos better. To make the evil half more creepier I selected the evil girl and blurred by going in to filter and choosing blur. Finally I took a photo of metal texture from the internet, inserted it on a new layer, then erased the texture on the scared with a soft brush that has a low opacity and left the texture on the evil side making a darker contrast between them. After that I made the he texture layer a lower opacity as well.

" I'm bigger than my body "

This photo is expressing this idea of the darker side grow bigger and bigger deep down inside, gaining power and trying to take over your life with negative thoughts. You not only feel your darker side taking over but you see it as well, you see how your life gets worse and worse by the days and it gets harder and harder to take control back and try to fix your life before you loss it all to your negative side.


This photo is made up of two pictures, the girl on the ground and her shadow. First I inserted the photo of the girl, then of the same girl but in a different pose. I used the quick select tool on the different posed picture and selected the background and deleted it. then I moved the different posed person as a shadow behind the sitting girl. Then I went into layer, layer style, and drop shadow. Creating a for the standing girl. Once I played with the settings on the drop shadow, I deleted the standing girl leaving only the drop shadow then I turned the opacity down to make it look more transparent . The drop shadow looked a little to rough so I went into filter, blur, Gaussian blur, to blur the edges better After that I selected the girl sitting with the quick select tool and copied her on to another layer to make the shadow look like its behind her. Lastly I put a transparent dark coat on top of the whole image, then softly erased it where its on the sitting girl to make her look a little more lighters than the rest of the photo.

The album cover I designed for the song Control

I'm not sure if the picture is better or worse without the angel in the background so, I saved two different pictures. Oh well.

Photo credit to my friend Sally Norman, Thanks for letting me take your picture pal, much better than taking some pics during class in my lame uniform ....

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Angelika Rudneva


Sally Norman

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