VantagePoints is the thought-leadership platform of PASS. We feature biweekly interviews, case studies, and analyses from leading actors, practitioners, and social initiatives around the world.

VantagePoints Mission

VantagePoints provides an unbiased thought-leadership platform for sharing knowledge across a network of concerned social impact actors. VantagePoints offers content that coordinates theory with practice to influence the advancement of best practices.

The Vision

Our goal is to accelerate the advancement of ideas toward solving the biggest global challenges by building and engaging a diverse community of socially activated leaders.

Our Approach

VantagePoints is not simply a blog, newsletter, or a journal. Providing a thought-leadership platform allows truly big ideas to emerge—and accelerate into action. Our scope is not limited by specific sectors, regions, or diplomatic tracks.

People and actors first.

About Us

Social Impact

VantagePoints exclusively features content on initiatives that are making an impact in the world. We provide insights from thought leaders who are advancing the field, and solving the world's most challenging problems.

Digital Format

VantagePoints is an English-language, digital publication detailing the people and initiatives effecting change in communities across the world. VantagePoints focuses on feature-length articles that showcase interviews and analyses from international leaders, specialists, and engaged global citizens.

  • Device Responsive Layout.
  • Multimedia Features.
  • E-mail subscription.
  • Social Media Presence.

Feature Articles

VantagePoints articles are not simply about describing or promoting individuals and organizations. Our articles are about exposing the effective strategies and ideas that successful leaders, organizations, and movements adopt. Articles are typically 2,000 (or more) words in length, because we thoughtfully examine the most pressing issues facing the world today.

  • Interviews.
  • Articles; Analyses; Essays.
  • Individual Spotlights.
VantagePoints takes an analytical or synthesizing approach to current events: focusing on global trends, macro-level phenomena, strategic perspectives, organizational strategy, leadership, informed predictions, and future outlooks.

Our Audience

We reach an intimate and specialized audience of NGO leaders, practitioners, academics, and other specialists in international social impact.


Voice & Tone

VantagePoints features humanistic stories from individuals and communities—as expressed in their own words and images. VantagePoints features typically convey a sense of informed optimism.

  • VantagePoints highlights communities and individuals facing the world’s biggest challenges.
  • VantagePoints represents a community of leaders across sectors and diplomatic tracks.
  • VantagePoints is sensitive to the issues that concern marginalized and underrepresented groups.
We inhabit the gap between the thinkers and doers in the field of social impact in order to achieve shared social good—with the aim of passing into a better future.

Global Trends

VantagePoints provides content that examines global trends that are shaping our shared future. The collective intelligence of our community compels us toward better understanding—

  • The ways that people live;
  • Factors that drive innovation;
  • Causes of prosperity;
  • How people think;
  • Elements of governance;
  • Peace and conflict;
  • Human and environmental security.
The signature question for VantagePoints is: “What most concerns you about the world today? What gives you hope?”


Contact Us

What worries you about our world today? What gives you hope? Please reach out today—we are eager to hear from you, work together on the most pressing global issues of our time, and pass into a better future, together.

VantagePoints Partnerships

Contact us if you are interested in being featured in VantagePoints as an interview subject—or, as an article guest author. We are also open to cross-posting, link-sharing, and other collaborative ventures.

PASS VantagePoints Editorial Fellows

VantagePoints Fellowships are available for a select cohort of emerging leaders and young practitioners in global social impact. We accept applications on a rolling basis. Contact us for details.

Ava Avila, PASS VantagePoints Editorial Fellow
Hashaw Elkins, PASS VantagePoints Fellow

My vision for VantagePoints is to accelerate ideas into action. We recognize the written word as a powerful force for impacting change. This is why VantagePoints generates exclusive, long-form content. We provide a platform for thought leaders to communicate in-depth and in their own words.

Our approach encourages VantagePoints readers to influence across sectors, cultures, diplomatic tracks, and borders. In an age where attention is currency, VantagePoints provides substantial value. I hope to inspire greater levels of collaboration and improve our shared future.


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VantagePoints Editors

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