Using Spark Pages for Projects By Oskar Cymerman

This is a Spark Page I created to give you an example of how Spark Pages can be used for student projects, portfolios, or presentations.

Besides text, you can seamlessly insert pictures. Add your own or use the built in search function to find the images you need on the web.

This is my wedding day picture. What can I say? I clean up nice. Ish...

You can insert buttons that link to a different website etc.

Click on the button below to go to my blog.

By the way, the above is a Glideshow you can insert and customize on your Spark Page.

You can insert video using a link. For the one below, I recorded using QuickTime Player, shared to my YouTube account, and copy/pasted the link to this page.

Finally, you can insert Photo Grids. The pics below are examples of free teaching/learning infographic posters I make. You can grab them on my products page by clicking on the button below. No need to enter any credit card info (leave it blank).

Focus 2 Achieve Infographics. Click the button below.

This is it! It took about 1/2 hour to create this page. Just imagine what your students could do with this.

History project? Yes sir! Portfolio? Uhm! Science report? Heck yeah!

Oh the possibilities!

Give it a go! Happy teaching!

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Oskar Cymerman


Created with images by albersheinemann - "media literacy laptop notebook"

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