Mining what is it? mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials that are extracted and then produced to make other valuable things that we can use for other things like writing.

where do you find mining mines? some mines that are in Canada are located in British Columbia and Alberta.

what does it produce/make and how much money it makes for Canada? they produce a lot of things do to it being the biggest industry that makes and sells the item that is extracted from earth. the people who work get more salary than Fishing,Farming and forestry combined because mining is one of the jobs that you find things then take them out then produce them and the final step is to sell them to someone else, the pay that the workers get is from 100.000 to 200.000 dollars in there normal salary and Farming,Fishing and forestry gets about 21.000 to 33.000 dollars as there normal salary, but how much money they give Canada is approximately 60 billion dollars each year and some tiny facts about what mining gives to Canada is that Canada's value of mineral production was 44.7 billion dollars in 2014, but now it is around 60 billion dollars,

did you know that the mining industries Canadian federal and provincial governments total 71 billion dollars in just paying there taxes and royalties over the last decade of history.

how big is mining in Canada? it is the largest because it produces and extracts over 60 minerals and metals and some and things that it produces are first potash, second uranium and niobium, third cobalt, aluminum, tungsten and platinum group metals, forth nickel, salt, Sulphur and titanium, fifth are diamonds, cadmium and gold and these are the things that make this industry the largest industry to Canada.

where do they get there minerals and metals? they get there resources from extracting, cleaning, refreshing, and checking the worth of the diamond, gold,or even other metals like copper and how they get it is when they go in the mine and dig out all the minerals and or metals that might be of some use.

what products are made and sold from mining? accordation,airplane,apartments,automobiles,bicycle,blackboard,bus,brass bed,batteries,can,carpets,computers,chalk,clothing,desk,door knobs,drinking glass,dime,diamond rings,electricity,electric shaver,elevator,engines,eiffel tower,fire truck,fan,freight train,film,flag pole,gears,glue,games,garage,glass,hard wear,highways,houses,hanger,helmets,iron,ice skates,illustrations,ink and a lot more things.

where do they send the products? they send all there products to approximately 4,000 companies across Canada and some of these things are paper,clothing, and other things like computers.

how many people work in the mining industry? over a million people work in the mining industry because it has diamonds, it has a very big salary for a year, and it is a very hard job because they have to go underground and find minerals and metals with just one little flash light.

do miners trade with other countries and not just in our Canada? the united states is Canada's greatest partner in the trading business, but there are other countries that Canada trades with and the countries are: the European union (19.1 %) , china (7.3 %) , and japan at (4.4 %).


mining: some issues/problems are respiratory disease, hearing problems, skelatal injury, natural disasters, and the biggest one is ground failure.

how much canada consumes from mining? canada consumes all the air pollution caused by things like coal and rocks that are smacked into other rocks that cause alot of heart problems for the miners and the citizens of canada.

environmental issues/problems:problems with vegetation and health.

how can mining be sustained? 3 ways how to sustain mining problems are to keep a certain time for each miner to mine, second mine in atleast groups of 3 because then one person mines then the other and then the other person, and finally try to keep a safe distance from the coal or anything that can get you ill because anything is worst then not going work.

how can canada sustain them selves from consuming minerals and metals found from mining? canada can get some of their minerals from mining and some from other places and also same with metals because minerals and metals are also found inthe ground if you have the right intension to find them and not to use them to get rich or get money off of them, but instead to use them for canada and not for one self.

how can environmental issues/problems be sustained? taking care of climate change and air quality, keeping the water and the availability of the water drinkable, keeping nature clean and making sure that it is very well protected, and finally shrinking our ecological footprint from the size of a foot ball/soccer ball feild to the size of a single house with two floors and four rooms two upstairs and two downstairs,



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