Black As F**K

Project by Bruno Miguel, June 2020

Black men's biological attributes are invested with social values and meaning that negatively characterise them. They are labelled and given identities as a result of culturally constructed ideas about black masculinity. This project intends to critique stereotypes associated with the representation of black men, and reconsider the ideologies that have been acquired historically and in modern times. With a tone of comedy and with an emphasis on the use of repetition of image, text, body gestures and facial expressions as well as the colourful African patterned background, the self-portraits depict the photographer assuming different identities to criticise each ideology. Black As F**k seeks to generate debates about the relationship between society and black men in the constructions of their masculinity and identity.

Savage? Think again.
Uneducated? Think again.
Thug? Think again.
Macho? Think again.
Absent father? Think again.
Lazy? Think again.
Nappy hair? Think again.
Well endowed? Look again.
Criminal? Think again.

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