ADS After School Programs spring 2018

After-School Programs Registration Information

1. Review the After School Catalog for all available Semester 2 clubs and tutoring sessions. Please note the grade levels, cost (if applicable), and dates.

2. Each club has its own permission slip. Please fill out a permission slip for each club, individually.

3. Submit completed permission slips and payment to the ADS Main office. Please note that certain vendors are paid directly such as Mad Science and Abra-Kid- Abra. Do not complete permission form and submit payment for A.C.ES. and Amazing Athletes sponsored clubs.

4. Classes will be filled in the order registration forms are received. If a class is full upon submittal of the form, your child will be added to a wait list for the after school program.

5. Each child may sign up for as many clubs as he or she would like. Students are registered in clubs on a first come, first served basis.

6. Unless specified, the after-school clubs are between 3:40 pm until 4:40 pm. No adult supervision is provided after the club concludes, therefore all students must be picked up no later than 4:50 pm.

7. Siblings of students enrolled in an after-school club, MUST be picked up at 3:30 pm and may not stay with their siblings until the club has ended.

8. Please notify the club sponsor and the main office, if your child will no longer attend the club.


Book Club

Each week we will read from the classic series "The Boxcar Children". We will discuss various story elements and significant Islamic concepts related to the story.

Grades: 2-5

When: Mondays

Where: Room 104

Sponsor: Ust. Linda Hamad

For more information, contact Ust. Linda at lhamad@alsalamdayschool.org.

Stand Up Comedy Club

This club is about building serious skills using stand-up comedy. The students will be writing and performing their acts. In doing so they will develop language skills (oral and written) and creativity; build confidence and a sense of humor when speaking in front of others; confront mental health and well being issues; learn the difference between helpful and hurtful humor.

Grades: 6-12

When: Mondays

Where: Room 204

Sponsor: Ust. Moniza Hasan

For more information, Email Ust. Moniza at mhasan@alsalamdayschool.org.

French Club

Students will learn and perform a French play in three languages (French, Arabic, and English) called "Bismillah". Students will learn self confidence, while discovering the beauty of the languages Allah (SWT) has given us!

Grades: 2-6

When: Mondays

Where: Room 204

Sponsor: Ust. Loubna Houdaifa

For more information, email Ust. Loubna at lhoudaifa@alsalamdayschool.org.


Yearbook Club

Students from Semester 1 will continue to work on their yearbook assignment, with guidance from Ust. Dina.

Grades: 6-12

When: Tuesdays

Where: Room 105/ Computer Lab

Sponsor: Ust. Dina Barakat

For more information, email Ust. Dina at dbarakat@alsalamdayschool.org.

* Limited space and assignments available.

Novel Writing Club

Are you the next J.K.Rowling? Do you have an over-the-top fantabulous idea for a New York Times bestselling novel? Then come join the "Novel Writing Club", where you'll join forces with thousands of young writers from around the world in participating in the National Novel Writing Month contest! We'll plot and plan our books during October, write the whole thing (!!) in November, revise in December, and then publish in January!

Grades: 5-12

When: Tuesdays

Where: Room 205

Sponsor: Ust. Salma Wahdy

For more information, email Ust. Salma at swahdy@alsalamdayschool.org.

Nasheed Club

This club will combine nasheed with acapella. Only using vocals and not instruments, the students will learn how to harmonize their voices together and sing in an Islamically appropriate way. This allows the students the opportunity to learn how to cooperate and work together as a team. Using the gift of our voices from Allah, we can express our true religion and use it against the false.

Grades: 5-12

When: Tuesdays

Where: Room 101

Sponsor: Ust. Rita Pritarini

For more information, email Ust. Rita at rpritarini@alsalamdayschool.org

Graphic Novel Writing

Once a week, students will meet to read, discuss, and create their own comics. This will allow them to explore not only the art of storytelling but let them enjoy showing a story through art.

Grades: 3-5

When: Tuesdays

Where: Room 109

Sponsor: Ust. Chelsea Masewich

For more information, email Ust. Chelsea at cmasewich@alsalamdayschool.org.

$15 per child

Little Muslim Theater

To get the kids excited about Islam and to help them make it part of their daily life, through story-telling and playful enactments that emphasis Islamic manners and concepts.

Grades: Kindergarten

When: Beginning March 6, 2018 on Tuesdays at 3:30 pm - 4:05 pm

Where: ECC After-Care Room

Sponsor: Sr. Khaloud Shaheen

For more information, email Ust. Marah at mzabibi@alsalamdayschool.org.


$40/ per month plus one time & $20 registration fee (new students only)

Amazing Athletes

Amazing Athletes Training Academy is a cross-training, game-based sports program designed to engage older children in active wellness through advanced physical fitness challenges and interactive sports lessons. Children between the ages of 7 and 12 display a wide range of physical abilities and strengths. Our coaches work with each child to help them strive for their personal best. Each 30 minute class engages athletes in non-competitive, sport-specific training for focused development. Athletes work in pairs to develop team work, motor skills, and patience.

Grades: Pre-K - KG

When: Wednesdays

Where: ADS Early Childhood Center/ After-Care Room

Sponsor: Amazing Athletes

For more information, contact Coach Lori at (636) 222-8420 or via email at stlouisarea@amazingathletes.com.

Cost: $75

Mad Science

During after-school programs, children engage in exciting hands-on activities, watch spectacular demonstrations, participate in inquiry-based discussions and take home things that they have made themselves like model rockets, Mad Science slime, and more! Our hands-on, one hour science programs are themed around a particular area of science and include such topics as electricity, magnetism, optics, biology and many more.

Grades: 1-6

When: Wednesdays, Jan. 24 - Feb. 28

Where: Room 209

Sponsor: After School Enrichment Services (A.C.E.S.)

To register, visit register.madscience.org/stlouis. For more information, call Mad Science at (314) 991-8000.

Cost: $75


At Abra-Kid-Abra we perform and teach magic and related variety arts—circus, comedy, balloon art, and puppets. Our mission is bringing out the STAR in kids! We structure our comedy magic shows so the kids who assist us feel proud and shine as the stars. When children learn magic, they develop presentation skills and confidence—valuable life skills.

Grades: 1-6

When: Wednesdays, Mar. 14 - Apr. 25

Where: Room 209

Sponsor: After School Enrichment Services (A.C.E.S.)

To register, visit register.madscience.org/stlouis. For more information, call Mad Science at (314) 991-8000.



Students will identify a problem that is based on a story and gather information to successfully solve the problem.

Grades: 1-2

When: Thursdays

Where: Room 103

For more information, email Ust. Renee at rmiller@alsalamdayschool.org.

Quran & Sunnah Society

In this club, students study the stories of the prophets and learn to connect lessons learned from their stories to their own lives, inshaAllah. Also, they will memorize word to word translation of the Ayatul Kursi, Surah Fatiha, muwadhitain and surah Ikhlas, inshaAllah.

Grades: 1-5

When: Thursdays

Where: Room 108

For more information, email Ust. Amerah at aaidroos@alsalamdayschool.org.

Model United Nations

In Model United Nations, students will practice the diplomatic mission and skills of the United Nations, and will represent ADS in the prestigious St. Louis Area Model United Nations network at its fall, winter, and spring conferences this year. At each conference, delegations from several area schools (including Burroughs, Clayton, Parkway, MICDS, Whitfield, Nerinx Hall, Priory, Lafayette, Marquette, Ladue, and others) meet to debate resolutions to an advance set of headline-fresh topic questions. To prepare, we will research current international conflicts and our delegation's countries, learn nonviolent problem-solving and the written resolution format, and practice argumentation together as a collaborative exercise. The goal: empowering the next generation of extraordinarily well-informed, interpersonally tuned, diplomatically creative, and globally active citizens. Join us!

Grades: 6-12

When: Thursdays

Where: Room 206

For more information, email Ust. Janet at jcurry@alsalamdayschool.org.

Drama Club

The Drama Club is dedicated to bringing the joy and power of Drama to students by providing high quality dramatic programming. This club offers participants the chance to experience the excitement and rewards of theater arts while developing poise, social skills, confidence and the ability to work with others.

Grades: 3-12

When: Thursdays

Where: Tafseer Hall

For more information, email Sr. Uzma at uzmabzia@hotmail.com.


ELA & Math Tutoring

Grades: 5

When: Mondays and Thursday, 3:30 pm - 4 pm

Where: Room 107

Sponsor: Ust. Selma Elwishee

To sign-up or for more information, email Ust. Selma at selwishee@alsalamdayschool.org.

Science Tutoring

Grades: 6-12

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30 pm - 4 pm

Where: Room 202

Sponsor: Ust. Ghazala Khan

To sign-up or for more information, email Ust. Ghazala at gkhan@alsalamdayschool.org.

Math Tutoring

Grades: 8-12

When: Tuesdays, 3:40 pm - 4:40 pm

Where: Room 200

Sponsor: Ust. Amira Al-Hiyari

To sign-up or for more information, email Ust. Amira at aalhiyari@alsalamdayschool.org.

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