Who is alice paul??

Alice Paul was a women's suffragist, feminist, and women's rights activist. Her goal was to have equal rights as men like the right to vote,right to get paid as much as men.Alice Paul did whatever she could to to get equal rights as a women and she had strategies like the 1910 campaign.That campaign lead to her accomplishments women's rights 19th amendment.

This cartoon connects with women's rights because the cartoon symbolizes that men your more powerful than women

The suffrage movement in England help shape America by. So when England pass the law so women's rights American women wanted the right to vote so they protested to get the right to vote. Harry Burns is 24 old representative from east Tennessee. He was the first to ratify 19 amendment . He contributed to the 19th amendment by give women the right to vote. Also harry voted because he's mom said he need to hurry to vote.

the information that i gathered helped me understand that women had a hard times getting to rights they deserved.Alice Paul set up pickets in white house.Harry Burns was in there u can see the message from he's mom.

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